Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Aug 24, 2010 zen
How can anyone not want to pinch those jowls and tell her what a lovely monster she is?! I'm glad she found a loving forever home... sometimes the biggest dogs are just the sweetest puddles of goo and fluff... hope you have many happy healthy years together!
Aug 24, 2010 av617
Wow, she really does have beautiful eyes, what a gorgeous girl. I'm glad she has settled in so well into your family, and hope you have many happy years with her.
Aug 24, 2010 Bombshell1985
Absolutely gorgeous girl! I love big dogs, they give the best cuddles! Great to hear she's worked through her nerves, she must have a really lovely family to support her. HUGE cuddles and lots of yummy treats for you Dharma
Aug 24, 2010 elliel
I guess I would feel secure with this one around. That is a lot of dog! So glad you gave her a good home.
Aug 24, 2010 pats place
Really do love that face. I bet she is a real pussy cat though. Does she love cats too? Lots of buiscuits and many happy years
Aug 24, 2010 princelover
Very beautiful girl! I would feel very safe with you on patrol. It is an important job, keeping your humans safe and I know that you do it well but are still just a big cuddly baby. Big hugs, sweetheart!
Aug 24, 2010 duettists
Dharma will scare off the crooks, but she has beautiful, soulful eyes and must be adorable to those she loves.
Aug 24, 2010 fortuna
I have 2 of these great big loves. They are truly a rare breed in more ways than one
Aug 24, 2010 pandrews-4
So happy that Dharma has a home & people that truly understand & love her! Life is good now isn't it Dharma? Enjoy your magnificent beauty! Hugs & kisses from Maisie & I!
Aug 24, 2010 aerosmiley219
how wonderful!! I'm so glad she has a forever home! I hope you two spend many happy years together :-)
Aug 24, 2010 amyliz
Love the pose here! Dharma is such a big, beautiful girl!
Aug 24, 2010 Margarita92
Dharma the DDB. What a lucky girl. She found a good home!
Aug 24, 2010 wheatie mom
Love the crossed paws, Dharma. We just did an obedience class with 22 dogs and the Dogue de Bordeaux was the smartest one there. These are sweet, smart and loving dogs. Happy Daily Puppy Day!
Aug 24, 2010 clemency
Now, that is an expressive face!!! And I love the pose. She looks very intelligent and thoughtful. Dharma is a beautiful girl!
Aug 24, 2010 guerrero's grandma
Dharma, what a beautiful girl you are! & this pic gave me my morning giggle! Are you forcing a smile or chewing on something... this was just too too cute! I would just love to cuddle with you all day long... Long & Happy & Healthy life to you pretty girl
Aug 24, 2010 furriesrfantastic
Just pure love - that seems to be what is radiating from those eyes! Monster? Never! More like a b-b-b (big beautiful babe!) - and you're right on the button, those eyes are soooo soft and incredibly beautiful, enjoy your gorgeous girl!
Aug 24, 2010 daphne's mom
What a beautiful girl! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of snuggles for Dharma!
Aug 24, 2010 doglover543
Dharma is a beautiful dog!
Aug 24, 2010 DLGray
Dharma is so sweet... love this picture!
Aug 24, 2010 gryt
Hehe what a funny girl. :)
Aug 24, 2010 Josey44
I absolutely love this picture! That face! Who could not love that!
Aug 24, 2010 BlackDogMom
Too cute! I hope you have many happy years with your family, Dharma!
Aug 24, 2010 janaS
she's in her intellectual pose on here. :)
Aug 24, 2010 doggiedays
It looks as if she is trying to make herself smile in the pic!! Adorable!! Many belly rubs to you! :)
Aug 24, 2010 doggiedays
She is so dainty in this pic!!!:) Love it!!!!
Aug 24, 2010 jkolar1
What an adorable girl! Love Mastiffs, and love her!
Aug 24, 2010 Candy&Chloe's mom
Dharma, you are simply gorgeous!!! You look here like there's something only YOU know..that "cat bert" expression. I'm so glad that you have given this majestic beauty and loving and kind home. She looks like a wonderful dog who is still very much a puppy at heart.
Aug 24, 2010 sputnik
Priceless shot! Dharma, you are a character! Lots of hugs to you sweetie!
Aug 24, 2010 lalamcgoo
oh she is just a beauty, I would love to give that face and head a hundred kisses, I bet she feels like velvet. Thank you for rescuing this wonderful girl.
Aug 24, 2010 iluvk9s
So sweet!! Dharma does have the prettiest eyes!
Aug 24, 2010 w102663
Lovely Dharma! You can see the gentleness and sweetness in her beautiful eyes.:) She's a jewel. Nice rescue. Belly rubs and kisses for Dharma.
Aug 24, 2010 w102663
This shot is soooo funny; I've never seen a doggy pose like this.:o)
Aug 24, 2010 Noodlesboy
Thank you for a good chuckle this morning, Dharma. I love this look! You are a beautiful lady and I'm glad you rescued your family. :) Many hugs and kisses to you!
Aug 24, 2010 goldenlover
She looks so serious. She's a magnificent creature. Congrats on the rescue.
Aug 24, 2010 Malimom
your are a pretty girl. so glad you have a fun forever family. have a great daily puppy day.
Aug 24, 2010 drakes' granny
Just beautiful with the sun shining on her coat.
Aug 24, 2010 presleyp
Dharma is 100% cute.
Aug 24, 2010 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Dharma looks like a lovely girl! Oliver & Henry have a friend, named Nikki who is a French Mastiff and she is such a wonderful, gentle, happy dog. It looks like Dharma is much the same way. Kudos to you for rescuing this darling angel. Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario
Aug 24, 2010 pelligrino
Dharma is a beautiful lady, and this is a very funny photo of her! It sounds like you have a very comfy and happy life sweet Dharma!
Aug 24, 2010 virgilsmama
Dharma is a beautiful girl with a 100% kissable face. Glad she has a great home and family! Mastiffs whether they be English or French are the best! We had a great boy, Harley in the 70's and knew many more O.E. mastiffs, they are Great! Best of life to all of you!
Aug 24, 2010 boomerhead
Best puppy picture EVER!
Aug 24, 2010 ruthie
Dharma, you are absoblutly gorgeous!!! Keep smiling, be happy, healthy, and have many, many wonderful years with your family.
Aug 24, 2010 bestfriends
What a face! I think Dharma is one big cuddle bug! So happy she has a loving, forever home. Absolutely fantastic dog. Wish her a long and healthy life filled with tummy rubs, lots of play and love.
Aug 24, 2010 animalluvr110
Aw! It looks like your smiling.
Aug 24, 2010 guspup
Dharma is gorgeous. Congrats to you and to her!
Aug 24, 2010 shortyww22
What an adorable dog.I just love this breed.I'm so glad that you took Dharma in and gave him a good loving forever home.kisses n hugs cutie.
Aug 24, 2010 tzumom
What a great picture!! You are just darling. Happy hugs and goodies to you and your lucky family.
Aug 24, 2010 pfordeb
That is one of the greatest dog pictures I've ever seen. What a riot, but so sweet.
Aug 24, 2010 puppy world#1
Dharma does have very cool looking eyes they r yellow!!! Like a cool wolf! She is sooo silly in tha pictures.
Aug 25, 2010 Zabilka
So wise looking !! :)
Aug 25, 2010 Nanajoan
The many faces of Dharma: concerned, watchful, intent, quizzical. And just plain goofy right in the middle of it all. :)
Aug 26, 2010 ca
Awww beautiful bub, wanna hug you and take a nap with you on the floor! good on you guys for rescuing this awsome pup!
Aug 28, 2010 cutiepants26
I can't get enough of this photo! That is SOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!
Aug 28, 2010 cutiepants26
Awww, but this photo is so different to the others, what a lady! Crosses her legs! GOOD GIRL! You get a treat, don't worry you don't need to pass dessert because it's a treat. GOOD GIRL!
Aug 28, 2010 DharmaCakes
Thanks so much for all of your comments. WE FEEL THE LOVE! :) And of course yesterday I got a very cool pic of her, just a few days late... Check it out! http://www.dailypuppy .com/profile/album/57814/photo/6460 81
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