Dimen the Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

Dimen's sister says: My parents got Dimen when my dad was having difficulties with his cancer and their youngest daughter was recently married and moved out of the house. They got her four years after their beloved Skippy died. They were ready for a new dog and some new energy in their home. Dimen brought a whole lot of energy to the house! She loves playing with her friend Hershey, a seven-year-old chocolate Labrador. She bites his ears and Hershey growls at her, but they love each other. Sometimes Dimen just sits and licks Hershey in the face. Dimen loves water, meeting new dogs, going for walks, and camping. She is very attentive and smart. Dimen follows her mom all throughout the house and is lonely when her mom is not home.