Dina the Boxer Mix

Dog Breed: Boxer / Labrador Retriever

Dina Aubry is our boxer / Lab mix puppy that we rescued about 7 years ago. The animal shelter said that she was found being abused and locked in a closet as a puppy with no food or water and almost starved to death. Now she is the sweetest, most loving and caring dog ever because she is so grateful to have a beautiful and loving home. She loves to play, go for walks, chase animals and balls, and swim. She is scared of a lot of things, mostly involving loud noises or even bubble wrap which we believe is from her dark path of abuse. Because of her interesting mix, she has a funny underbite that gives her an interesting and unique smile. Everyone always makes fun of her for it, but we love Dina anyway. She will always crawl up next to you and cuddle and let you know she cares about and missed you as her tail wags violently. Balloons are one of her favorite things to play with and we have many hilarious videos of her barking at balloons. She knows when 5:30 rolls around because that is when she gets fed dinner every night...she sure lets us know that its time to eat! Although she has two dog beds, she prefers to sleep in the strangest places...including the steps up to the bedroom! It is hilarious watching her pass out almost anywhere. She gets exhausted easily from walking and playtime.