Duke the German Shepard

Dog Breed: Unknown

Duke's mom says: This is Duke he is a 71/2 year old German Shepard and is our pride and joy. He has been with us since 10 weeks and has had the life of Riley "literally". We wanted a Shepard and we got one, what a ham, everyone loves him and stops when they see him. You see Duke weighs 130 lbs and there is no fat on him he is just a mutant "as the vets call him". He is so large that hip displacia has a hold on him and its hard to deal with but we love him and enjoy him while we have him. He is so large most people think he has Great Dane in him but NO, its just him. The really great thing is the vets love him because he is so kind and gentle it amazes them. Anyway he is one loved dog and has a wonderful life. We will be lost without him.