Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Feb 8, 2008 af_by94
Duke is magnificent! We had our enormous dame shepherd for 14.5 years.......fortunately the large breeds are living longer now. May you have many happy years with this good old boy.
Feb 8, 2008 kool_kat_3
Wow Duke you are very very handsome! It sounds like you still have many enjoyable years to come! Lots of treats and love for you! xxxxx
Feb 8, 2008 DogLuvver
My what long legs you have! I think you are gorgeous and would like to have you to play with. I hope you do not suffer any pain from you hips, that would make me sad.

I picked the photo of you balancing your ball on your head! Cool trick!
Feb 8, 2008 doggieaunt
Handsome boy!!!! (And a sense of humor, too!)
Feb 8, 2008 pomtzu
Duke truly is one big beautiful dog. I hope that in spite of his hip problem that he will be able to be with you for many more years.
Bless you Duke!!!!!
Feb 8, 2008 Mummm
Duke is beautiful. It makes me very sad that he has hip problems.
Feb 8, 2008 dogsrule
He's wonderful. I love German Shepards so much! :)

He looks very happy and loved. And seems to be quite an intelligent fellow.

I'm sorry he's not feeling good with his hip problems. You can give him glucosamine for his joint pain, poor darling baby.
Feb 8, 2008 DaveyDog
I'm lovin' the "mugwump" shot!! Bless 'em all! Ontario, Canada
Feb 8, 2008 amc2810
What a handsome fella! I'm in love. Wish I could hug away his pain. Many more happy years together.
Feb 8, 2008 Melvinator
Duke, you are one handsome fellow. I'd love to give you a kiss on that talented snout!
Feb 8, 2008 dhensley
Please love and enjoy him while you have him. I lost my best friend Sasse in March of 07 she was 13, and I miss her every single day. I know that they give so much love that they cannot be replaced. So just enjoy him and love him now.
Feb 8, 2008 Doggymommy
Duke, you are very handsome!! I have had the pleasure of owning and breeding GSD'S for many years and in my opinion the BEST dog breed around. I have lost too many to count over the years. I now have a 6month old GSD and he is, as always a handful, got him at 8 weeks. (I don't breed anymore)

Love him and spoil him and I agree with the glucosamine. If he is in a lot of pain as your Vet about Rimadyl. It has always helped my older dogs with hip issues or just arthritis in general.

I love this picture the best, he looks like he is looking at you and saying "I love you mommy"
Feb 8, 2008 laurie erickson
what a handsome boy!... I also agree with the glucosamine... we have a 11 yo golden who has hip displaysia and she has been on triple strength glucosomine- 1 tablet a day and it has helped her tremendously!! if you could see her xrays, even the vet indicated by looking at these xrays she should be crippled and not able to walk, but..... nope! she is still active at 11!!... give Duke lots of kisses for us!!!
Feb 8, 2008 BeckersUNC
He looks like SUCH a sweetheart! I just want to kiss him on that handsome nose.
Feb 8, 2008 dani12
GSDs are, without a doubt, the best and most beautiful of dogs, and Duke is a wonderful example. Such gorgeous colors! And what a wise, knowing expression. He reminds me of my own GSD Legend, who was the most amazing dog I've ever had; he was the sort of dog who could convert lifelong dog-haters into dog lovers through the simple power of his regal, sometimes silly, but always extremely polite demeanor. I imagine Duke is similar. Especially when I see him sleeping with that classic GSD face. **hugs**

(in addition to glucosamine/chondroitin, I've also heard many good things about vitamin C and hip problems... might be worth some research.)
Feb 8, 2008 clemency
Wow!! Duke is handsome AND talented! I hope you will have many more happy years together!
Feb 8, 2008 pippasmom
What a handsome boy! You look like a lot of fun to play with!
Feb 8, 2008 sylvanbliss
Having had the honor and pleasure of being owned by a GSD, I understand the connection you have with Duke...who is magnificent. I will hope for a solution to his displacia, that he may find relief... have you looked into accupuncture?
Feb 8, 2008 Terry C
Handsome boy.

It's a shame something can't be done about hip dysplasia.

It seems as though all large breeds have it.
Feb 8, 2008 ohwelllulu
Dukey I am not surprised you made it on this site.You are so handsome everyone needs to see your picture
Feb 8, 2008 bopeep
What a big handsome boy Duke is. Don't think I've ever seen a GS that big before. Hope Duke finds much needed relief for his hip displasia. Hugs and kisses from Kansas USA.
Feb 8, 2008 jbroy
Steady...........steady............ .Good Boy!!!!
Feb 8, 2008 Brunomom
Very handsome, very handsome.
Feb 8, 2008 trapper
We have a 10yr old GSD with bad hips. We are using hydrotherapy with good results. Try Hot Diggity Dog on Google. Its our local one, may help to find one close to your home! Good Luck
Feb 8, 2008 doggone1973
Be still my heart, when i first saw this picture of Duke it reminded me so much of our much loved Duchess or was nearly 14 when she passed away a few years ago. His coloring and expression is so much like hers and she was one smart cookie too. Enjoy your handsome boy as long as you can, GS are great dogs. Lots of hugs and kisses and belly rubs for you Duke.
Feb 9, 2008 chicolasa
oh I love Duke, too. Is he really big? Maybe. Maybe it's just his big beautiful heart and spirit radiating that makes him larger than life. Enjoy many more years together. My first dog, when I was a little girl, was a German Shepherd. I just adore them.
Feb 9, 2008 mqm501
He is very handsome and sounds like a big softy - bless him. I'm sorry to hear of his trouble with hips displasia alas it doesn't only affect big dogs as my poodle/jack russell cross is a sufferer. However I live in a warm part of the world and the warmth really helps her. She is in her 15th year and still going strong tho' not as quickly as she use to! Have many joy filled years with Duke.
Very Best Wishes from Sunny Spain.
Jan 3, 2009 grade5dude
our dog princess would destroy him in a fight muhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps:you will never find me muhahaha!!!1!
Jan 13, 2010 podday
Just thought i would let you know I had to put my beautiful baby down on November 9th 2009. We miss him so much it hurts :( and there will never ever be another Dukeyboy :( he was my little peanut
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