Monday, July 28, 2014
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Oct 13, 2008 hughdog
I love German Shepherds and you have a great one. I hope that you have many happy years together.
Oct 13, 2008 Beagle109
Such a sweet and handsome fella! You can tell by his face he's extra sweet, and also very happy with his "pack!"
Oct 13, 2008 wolfgirl66
100% Beautiful! Echo is a awesome forever friend!!!!!!! Lovely coat!!!!!!!!
Oct 13, 2008 terry c
This is cute. Echo is a beautiful dog.
Oct 13, 2008 terry c
He's a HAPPY boy.
Oct 13, 2008 HillCountryGal
Echo, you're one good lookin' guy! Seems to me you're smiling in each picture. I'd like to give you a big hug and toss a ball for you! Wishing you a long, long healthy and happy life.
Oct 13, 2008 ckendall
Wow Echo you are such a handsome boy!!!!Please give his belly a good rub from me!!
Oct 13, 2008 pasherid
What an absolutely exquisite fellow Echo is! My dream dog has always been a GSD..intelligent, noble, fearless, and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your lovely companion with us...he is really special. Long life and much love for all of your family~
Oct 13, 2008 brunomom
This is one magnificent animal. Wow, it was hard to pick a favorite picture. He is just so gorgeous. Many, many years of happiness w/the very magificent Echo.
Oct 13, 2008 sherry_morris
He makes me smile :)
Oct 13, 2008 maddiesmom
echo you are so handsome. i want to borrow you as a cuddler!!! you must be the best friend of your family. they are so lucky to have you.
Oct 13, 2008 dogmom
Some dogs are cute, some are silly but your Echo is the definition of HANDSOME! He is so very beautiful. Sounds like his personality matches his exterior. What a beauty.
Oct 13, 2008 doggirl221
AWWW! how cute!!!!
Oct 13, 2008 Puppy Power
Such a handsome gentleman!
Oct 13, 2008 mawolve
What a gorgeous boy he is!!
Oct 13, 2008 djmc
Echo you are wonderful , I have always wanted a German Shepherd. They are sooooo handsome and I have always loved them. One day I just mit have one.Echo many happy years to you . You sure are a handsome fellow.Many hugs and kisses
Oct 13, 2008 jcwren
If it's not a German Shepherd, it's just a dog :) You've got a handsome pup there.
Oct 13, 2008 2dogmom
Oh, I love German Shepherds! Echo, you are gorgeous and a very smart boy, too. I hope your family has a big bed, though, if you sleep there, too! My GSD slept with me on the bed one time and I came close to sleeping on the floor! Health and long life to you, Echo!
Oct 13, 2008 fritzy
What a face!!! :)
Oct 13, 2008 shellyrini
My grandparents had german shepards when I was growing up. They are the best guard dogs for children. There was a park across the street from their house, and me and my cousin could go over there without any adults, as long as Cindy was with us. She never left our side, and if we swung too high on the swings she would bark her head off until we slowed down. We could not play on the monkey bars, she would lose her mind if we got on them. She was extremly protective, but not vicious towards anyone, just protective. She was the best. Anyway, sorry to ramble like that, this is about Echo. He is simply gorgeous, stunning really. I would love to meet you Echo and give you a big smooch. God Bless handsome.
Oct 13, 2008 tamwise21
Very hansome lad you have theere.
Oct 13, 2008 pamfontainepeters
Echo is such a handsome lad! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Oct 13, 2008 2added2ours4ever
What a love! The word is AWEsome for this fellow and his breed (and his family!)
Oct 13, 2008 txfatgirl1967
Awww! Echo looks so sweet! He reminds me of my German Shepherd, Shultz. Hope you have many years with Echo. German Shepherds are the most wonderful dogs in the world! ;-)
Oct 13, 2008 lucybee
What a gorgeous animal he is! You can tell the German lines by his straight back,which I much prefer.He will be a loyal guardian forever.
Oct 13, 2008 mikdebluvpups
He is so handsome!
Oct 13, 2008 ladydi48
Echo, you are gorgeous. I love all dogs but German Shepherds are by far my favorite. The facial expression here is so much like my German Shep, Mila, and sounds like the personalities are alot alike also. Mila is at my side whereever I go and also sleeps in the bed with us. Tons of biscuits to you Echo along with lots of hugs and kisses.
Oct 13, 2008 wiinis
what a beutiful dog. shepherds are my favorite take great care of him:)
Oct 13, 2008 brighit
Echo is absolutely beautiful! Hugs and kisses and a loooooong neck scratch from me. Gorgeous!
Oct 13, 2008 doggieaunt
What a spectacularly handsome boy you are, Echo!!!
Oct 13, 2008 stormsamson
What a beautiful boy!!!
Oct 13, 2008 lh9313
what a handsome boy!
Oct 13, 2008 Rickysmom
I remember this cutie as Puppy of the Day. Echo, you have grown into an incredibly handsome boy.
Oct 13, 2008 acmebiatch
Shellyrini - don't feel bad. I too have a great childhood GSD memory! My grandmother had one as well, a lovely girl named Jet who lived for 12 wonderful years of our childhoods in NJ. She used to grab the swaddling of our diapers (my mom was a cloth fan) and carry us back to safety every time we tried to climb the stairs! She also followed us to the neighborhood park down the street. Echo is a wonderful, beautiful, top-form dog! I love that people in the US have started to get away from that crazy notion that a hobbled backside/hip formation was "good"! Echo shows your love and commitment and in true namesake fashion - gives it right back at ya! Many long and happy years together.
Oct 13, 2008 doggone1973
You are quite handsome Echo! I love GS we had a mother and daughter a few years back they were awesome dogs and we still miss them.
Oct 13, 2008 gary
Now what a lovely surprise to see the very handsome Echo here today. And so very much deserved that this stunning lad get his special Day in the hall of fame. have a great day Echo, Good thoughts from Joe and Faith, and me as well. From Gary in the UK.
Oct 13, 2008 cheyenne's mom
Oct 13, 2008 catlover
I remember seeing Echo as a puppy.
Oct 13, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
I also grew up with a GSD, and my heart goes out to Echo. You are so handsome and full of personality Echo, I wish you and your family many years of happiness and love!
Oct 13, 2008 huskyluvr
He is such a beautiful dog. I wish you many years with him.
Oct 13, 2008 klgoonsquad
Echo you've grown up beautifully into one handsome dude. Another fine representative of the GSD.
Oct 13, 2008 lisalisa
Beautiful Echo! GSDs are so awesome! He looks like a BIG boy - a gentle giant! I wish you all the happiness in the world with him. :-)
Oct 13, 2008 amyliz
Wow,Echo is a great dog! So handsome and sounds like a wonderful companion!
Oct 13, 2008 daphne's mom
Echo is a beautiful dog! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love and many biscuits to you Echo!
Oct 13, 2008 benson
Echo, you are a very handsome young man. I also grew up with 3 GD's in the family and they are the best!!! (after labs) Have many more years of having your feet kept warm!!
Oct 13, 2008 doggymommy
Thank you all for your wonderful comments. We love Echo very much! This is one of my favorite photo's of him, he is so happy and always ready to laugh and have a good time. Thanks again everyone for being so nice!
Oct 13, 2008 jack-a-tack
The tounge seems alot like a fashion craze in her eyes! I love german shepards SOOO much! There fur just takes my breath away! Have many happy years together and keep on lovin'!
Oct 13, 2008 drakes' granny
Echo is very handsome. Love the coloring. I'm sure he will be your faithful companion forever too. I'm glad he has a loving home and people that love him so much.
Oct 13, 2008 Francy
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE german sheperd and ECHO is so beautiful !! *__*
Oct 13, 2008 bookstax
I can see why he brings you joy! He reminds me of a lab/shepherd mix we had for 13 years. What a sweetie!
Oct 13, 2008 goldenrod1967
Echo is simply stunning...I had to check out his "baby pictures" too- what a change!! I love the party hat pictures- we have always had birthday parties for our dogs too!! By the way, Cinder is also a lovely lady and Dakota was beautiful as well...God bless them all.
Oct 13, 2008 puppy world
i see he made a friend there and stsareted to chat about there owners cute hes soooooooooooooooooooooo adorable i loe germans sheperds furcoats there always artistisc shes smart cute loyal and always sticks the tonge out very long tonge he likes walks too and i see he went to difeerent places
Oct 13, 2008 gend0012
Echo is absolutely beautiful! He reminds me so much of my own GS, Xavier who was featured in Daily Puppy on 8/30/07. GS are the best dogs around! They are completely loyal and sometimes it's as if they know what you're thinking.
Oct 13, 2008 Sandy, Cheyenne's mom2
Echo is a beautiful GSD - you can just see in his face the desire to please and do well. I am sure he will do excellently in his training to become a rescue dog. His pal, Cinder, is gorgeous too. Is a Florida Cur a type of retriever, or hound? She reminds me very much of retrievers I have had. My Cheyenne (GS X Rott) also has a queen size bed which she generously shares with me. With two sharing your bed, may soon be time for a bigger bed. Love and puppy cookies to both Echo and Cinder, and give them lots of belly rubs (a few from me).
Oct 14, 2008 packermom
What a stunning young man!! He looks as though he should be teaching all of the classes. How handsome!!!
Oct 14, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
What a handsome face! He is a gorgeous specimen! I wish you many years of health and joy! This guy needs more than 11 biscuits, so lets give him a million biscuits!
Oct 14, 2008 Beth1226
Just gorgeous!
Oct 14, 2008 Foxy's Mom
What a pretty puppy dog you are! Much love and happiness!!!
Oct 14, 2008 GermanShepherdLuver33
I love him!!! i want a german shepherd so badly!!!! you are soooooo lucky!!!!! well anyway he's georgous, and i hope he has a very happy life!!!!!!!
Oct 15, 2008 puppydog
Awwww Echo is so cute ! I love shepherds!
Oct 15, 2008 Loki's mum
Echo what a handsome boy you are and so clever too. A great surprise to see you on the grown up puppy. Big licks from Loki and tummy rubs from me.
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