Einstein the Jack Russell Terrier

Dog Breed: Unknown

Einstein's mom says: Einey, as we call him, is a wonderful dog! He is very smart and knows the word "treat." We can't even so much as whisper the word around him or he goes crazy. Einstein has a very strong mouth. He can chew through almost anything and has only kept one toy since puppyhood -- his glow-in-the-dark ball, which he loves. Einstein first saw snow -- being that we live in Florida -- two years ago when I took him to my mother's house in Maryland. He loved the snow and even would chase every snowball I threw. Einey is definitely a rottweiler in a Jack's body. He will bark at anything he finds unsatisfactory to him, but he's really just a little cuddle bug. We love having him in our lives. He really brings a lot of joy to it.