Ella the Beagle

Dog Breed: Beagle

Ella is the most energetic six-year-old beagle ever. She adores long walks with her family. Ella also enjoys chasing squirrels and rabbits in her back yard. After she chases a rabbit, she comes inside and terrorizes her stuffed bunny. Ella loves to play chase and run around in the snow.

Comments (52)
xdogsandpuppiesx Sep 6, 2008
I love this beagle she is so gorgeous and this photo is so clear and...

tazzysmom Sep 6, 2008
Looks like Ella ran out of energy! Chasing squirrels will do that. ...

fritzy Sep 6, 2008
Ella, what a cute picture of you and your greenie!!! Be nice to your...

PreciousHoudini Sep 6, 2008
What can I say? Ella approaches canine perfection. This is what...

corgigirl37 Sep 6, 2008
HAHA! My first dog was a beagle, and used to sit just like...

xoxoshep Sep 6, 2008
what a cutie! sittin like a grown up! oh and the very first...

djmc Sep 6, 2008
Hey want to play..... Love the hounds!!!! Ella you are a sweetheart....

pomtzu Sep 6, 2008
The unladylike shots are always so cute!

superhedgie Sep 6, 2008
So cute. I love the way she sits. I love beagles to. They're the...

ckendall Sep 6, 2008
What an adorable little face! Lots of belly rubs & treats for you!

melodious Sep 6, 2008
Are you ready time to play with me? You sure look like a fun loving...

wolfensteinsmom Sep 6, 2008
Ella is a beautiful girl! How regal she looks, and what perfect...

teddy's mom Sep 6, 2008
ella is beautiful! love this picture of hers... lots of belly rubs...

doggieaunt Sep 6, 2008
Viva Ella!!!! I just love her, from her fabulous silky ears to her...

Susans4dogs Sep 6, 2008
she is so cute!

terry c Sep 6, 2008
For some reason, this post cracks me...

amyliz Sep 6, 2008
Oh my, the very picture of innocence, although I bet her stuffed...

Hound Lover Sep 6, 2008
Ella you are a beautiful girl. There is nothing like a hound dog!!

Tuna's_Mom Sep 6, 2008
Ah, just loungin' around! Ella's an adorable little...

gary Sep 6, 2008
Wonderful pose, Faith my little Dally sits like...

lucybee Sep 6, 2008
I can see she lives a tough life,lounging on the beach,chasing...

gryt Sep 6, 2008
I love her expression in this one. So adorable! :D

mydexy Sep 6, 2008
Oh look at that, her legs are too big for her!!! Same with my...

kyladee Sep 6, 2008
There's not a more perfect pooch photo than this one. What a...

malawi Sep 6, 2008
Love this pose. I have one that sits like this too. Ella is so cute...

soccerdog#1 Sep 6, 2008
So cute! I bet she could go by with being the dailypuppy!...

#1 basketball player Sep 6, 2008
she looks so cute!!

ginak0915 Sep 6, 2008
This is the cutest picture ever!! I love her expression.. millions of...

pamfontainepeters Sep 6, 2008
Ella the bunny-chaser! So happy you have your stuffed bunny to play...

wolfgirl66 Sep 6, 2008
Ella's very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HillCountryGal Sep 6, 2008
Hard to pick just one picture, as they're all good! What a...

In Memory of Annie Sep 6, 2008
She looks so wise here. It was hard to pick just one pict. She's...

doggone1973 Sep 6, 2008
oh my goodness Ella you sure are sweetie pie if ever i saw one.

maddiesmom Sep 6, 2008
what a sweet girl. i love this picture. she is so...

Quinkee Sep 7, 2008

packermom Sep 7, 2008
Lovely, lovely lady!

seeress83 Sep 7, 2008
She's a gorgeous girl! I hope my beagle Hemi is still as happy...

rachie Sep 8, 2008
ella reminds me of my beagle pup! she's beautiful and looks like...

Yeatts Sep 8, 2008
This is a great picture! It should totally be on cards or postcards!...

tamwise21 Sep 8, 2008
Oh my god lol best picture I have ever seen on here. She looks so...

klgoonsquad Sep 8, 2008
Haha this picture and the one with the treat in her mouth both made...

catlover Sep 8, 2008
"I'm a little crossed eyed here!!!"

puppydog Sep 8, 2008
Ella is so cute! I've seen so many beagles in the world and all...

puppy world Sep 8, 2008

puppypal6767 Sep 9, 2008
C-U-T-E! AWW! I love beagles i want him ♥...

puppypal6767 Sep 9, 2008
sorry abput what happened at the end of my sentence!! What...

stormsamson Sep 9, 2008
Talk about 'letting it all hang out'! With cuteness to boot....

carolynsmalley Sep 9, 2008
Oh my heart is MELTING! How can you ever say no to this beauty :)

katie3551 Sep 10, 2008
Great shot lol thats how my Dog sits exactly like that

tealcdupre Sep 11, 2008
Ella!!!! We miss you Ella, and your people too!

animallover7112 Sep 17, 2008
what a cute picture! it looks like Ella is posing!

Doxie Sep 28, 2008
now that is worn-out dog!!! lol