Ella the Jack Russell / Maltese Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Ella's mom says: Ella came to live with me a few months after I moved out for the first time. Living in an apartment, I needed a small dog. I found her from an ad in the paper. At six weeks, she fit in the palm of my hand. From that moment on she has followed me everywhere, even riding in my purse while I went shopping until she got too big. Ella loves to play with tennis balls and her stuffed lamb, go for walks in the park, swim in the creek, and ride in the car in her car seat. She also loves dressing up and will strut around whenever she is wearing her jacket or dress. She may be small (only nine pounds) but she has a huge personality and feels she must protect everyone. She barks or growls at everything but wouldn't hurt a fly. If someone comes close, she will hide behind my leg until they pet her. Then they are her friend for life. Ella has enormous amounts of energy and loves to play but also loves to be lounge around. If she isn't under my feet or running through the house, she is usually asleep on anyone's lap that will hold her.