Ellie Mae the Large Munsterlander

Dog Breed: Unknown

Ellie's parents say: Ellie is our "fur"st baby. We struggled for a long time, wanting a dog but not wanting to confine one to our apartment life. Finally, after several months of agonizing, we went just to look at the local shelter. After looking at several dogs, we were going to leave, unable to find out that we really clicked with, but then my husband noticed Ellie as we were walking out. It was love at first sight, play, and snuggle. They told us that only a week and half before, Ellie was desperately sick with a respiratory infection and they didn't think she would make it. Lucky for us she did! We were told she was an English setter by the shelter, a setter / Newfoundland mix by the vet, but she fits all the looks, personality traits, and standards for a large Munsterlander, so that's what we call her. Not to brag, but she is the perfect dog---sweet-natured, a total snuggle-bug, exuberant, and protective in perfect balance. Her favorite things to do are chase small animals and birds, run around her new big backyard, pull the stuffing from her toys in only minutes, snuggle, enjoy long belly rubs, go for long car rides and sleep on all the furniture when she knows we aren't looking. She even loves going to her vet's office! There hasn't been a single person who has met Ellie and hasn't said, "Oh! What a beautiful, sweet dog!" We just smile and say, "Thanks, we think so."