Elwood the Mastiff Mix

Dog Breed: Mastiff / Plott

Elwood is a mastiff / hound mix puppy we adopted from the Michigan Humane Society. He was only 42 pounds at the shelter and he is slowly putting on a healthy amount of weight although he is still underweight. Elwood loves hunting ants and eating twigs, grass and leaves. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body and loves all humans, dogs and animals (even cats!) alike. He is eager to please and learns new commands quickly. Elwood's favorite command is "belly" because he knows he gets a good rub and scratch. When the mastiff side of him isn't being lazy lounging around and napping, his hound genetics keeps his nose to the ground when we go on walks. Elwood recently discovered he loves sand and has been digging away up in Michigan. He is growing up to be a mild tempered, easy going and lovable gentleman!