Fenway the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dog Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Fenway's mom says: Fenway is the most popular little dude on the block- always happy and ready to play. For a small guy, he loves to run, and run fast. At the dog parks, he pesters the big dogs until they chase him and he never seems to tire out. He has no idea of his size and seems baffled when small dogs approach him. He loves peanut butter, sticks of all sizes, and shoelaces. Especially his mommy's running shoe's laces. A true Bostonian, Fenway's favorite toys are his Red Sox doggie bat and stuffed red lobster toy that he loves to drag around the house. He hates the rain and goes to amazing lengths to avoid puddles. He gives kisses to everyone and loves nothing more than to fall asleep on his mommy's lap. He is the older "cousin" of Chewie the miniature Australian Shepard that was recently a puppy of the day. Chewie's parents credit Fenway with teaching Chewie to pee like a boy. Even though Chewie pesters Fenway and bites his ears and jumps all over him, Fenway stares sadly as Chewie goes home and the two bark sad goodbyes to each other. Truly he is the happiest puppy imaginable.