Fido the Dachshund

Dog Breed: Dachshund

Fido's mom says: My beautiful dachshund's name is Fido (pronounced "Feedo"; that's how we pronounce it in Poland). Everyone in my family loves him. My dad had never allowed me to have a dog. But when I was 16 my friend's dog had little puppies, and I couldn't let this opportunity go like this, so I got my saved pocket money and I got this little adorable dachsie. My mom had known I was going to bring this puppy home so she prepared my dad, and when our little Fido finally arrived, everyone instantly fell in love with him. He really has become a member of our family. We take him everywhere with us. He even sleeps in bed. (That's what most dachshunds do, but their owners don't want to admit it. ;-)) I sometimes get an impression that Fido thinks he is a human too. Although he is already 11.5 years old, he is still really playful and loves to eat. But of course, we try to do our best not to overfeed him since this might lead to him having back problems. He sometimes acts like he is a little puppy, but you can already notice his age by his white hair on the muzzle and the fact that he sleeps a lot. Fido has sweet eyes!!