Finbar the Havanese

Dog Breed: Havanese

My name is Finbar, but you can call me Finnie. I joined my loving family in August. My family says I am a wonderful little puppy--very loving and as smart as can be. I am a cuddler by nature. I just can t get enough! I wag my tail and follow the different members of my family around the house until they stop to give me hugs. Chasing cuddles certainly works up an appetite. I love treats and do my best to get as many as possible. I learned how to sit quite quickly which impressed my family. I often prance below the kitchen countertop hoping that my cuteness will be acknowledged with a treat. No matter what part of the house I am in, when I hear my dinner being prepared I fly into the kitchen. All of this cuddling and eating is exhausting for a little puppy like me, so at the end of the day I curl up by the fire with one of my family members. Or, if I really want to luxuriate, I recline in my soft basket.