Foxy the American Eskimo / Chow Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Foxy's mom says: After the heartbreaking loss of my first baby, American Eskimo dog Sammie, to lymphoma cancer at the young age of seven, I was not sure I wanted to get another dog at all. The pain of the loss was too great and I thought nothing could fill that void. I also didn't want to go through house-training a new puppy, etc. I just wanted my Sammie back. Then one day I was surfing the Net and stumbled upon where I saw this beautiful girl, Foxy, who melted my heart. It was truly love at first sight! My husband and I went to the local shelter to see her and couldn't leave without her. We were told that she had been found in an abandoned apartment, locked in a closet. She was a little shy when we first brought her home but quickly became the queen of our home and our hearts. She is the most adorable, sweetest bundle of pure love! She loves to play with her many toys. She loves the snow and loves just to cuddle up next to us. Her favorite games are catch-me-if-you-can, tug of war, and hide-and-seek. Foxy is a joy in our hearts and we love her dearly.