Gabby the Miniature Poodle

Dog Breed: Poodle

Gabby is a 5 year old miniature poodle who was recently rescued through the Lange Foundation in West Los Angeles. When they found her at the South Central animal shelter, her hair was a matted mess and she had a cataract completely covering one of her big brown eyes. She was surrendered to the shelter by a woman claiming to have found Gabby in a gang house, where she was slated to be used as a bait dog in dog fighting. Lange took her under their roof and got her the eye surgery she desperately needed. Looking at her now, you'd never know she had such a rough time. She loves going for walks, playing with toys, and peanut-butter dog cookies. When she gets excited, her little nub of a tail waggles back and forth like a metronome! Gabby goes crazy for belly rubs and will show people that she likes them by allowing them to rub her adorable little belly. She is sweet and loving and will sit patiently for a bath or even to have bows put in her hair, and she even sits and tilts her head up for her four-times-a-day eye drops (to prevent infection). She's wonderful with children and will let little strangers pet her on the street.