Gigi the Maltese Mix

Dog Breed: Maltese

Gigi is a Maltese Mix that came to me from my aunt who had to be placed in a nursing home. I was happy to take her in. She loves to play. One of the things we do is bark. Yes, I bark with my dog. I say "Hey, wanna bark?" and she barks, then I do, then she does and we go back and forth until she looks at me as if to say "what are we barking at anyway?" Too funny! She also likes it when I throw the ball around. Gigi will also smile at you for a treat. She's a "people person" kind of dog and loves it when friends come over. Gigi likes to snuggle. She jumps up onto the couch and drapes herself over my lap. Everyone that comes to the house likes spending time with Gigi and I am always told how cool she is. I am very proud of Gigi and she is truly my best friend.