Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Dec 2, 2006 Arian
Aww, I love the photo of her on the pool cover!

She looks like she's having the time of her life. Also her eyebrows are awesome!
Dec 2, 2006 GoPups
Yeah,her eyebrows are great!!!!
Dec 2, 2006 Knate and Charlene
Oh, Grommet-you are centerfold material! That tummy; that pout; that coyish ear-and those brows;Brooke Shields is sooo envious. Grommet, you are one divine terrier.
Dec 2, 2006 gina
Grommet, you are just lovely! love your eyebrows...and I love the fact you love your tummy rubbed! I know you have brought your humans tons of joy.
Dec 2, 2006 tiffy
Grommet, I agree with all the comments posted...your a beauty...but I also love those cute little ears! I could get into some serious ear rubbing with you!
Dec 2, 2006 zane
what a pretty girl! she looks like she would be lots of fun to have around. thank God for rescues and the people that rescue them!
Dec 2, 2006 lisa
awww, grommet, you remind me of our little terrier mix we have! you are the best pups around. (your also a gorgeous girl)
Dec 2, 2006 Julia
OMG!!!! GROMMET!!! You look just like my dog, Jack!!! His fur is slighly longer, but he looks just like you after he gets groomed! Seriously, that is uncanny!

He is a black lab/terrier mix. We suspect that he has some schnauzer in there. He has several types of coat fur--a thick lab kind, a fine wavy undercoat, and some silky hair-like fur on his head and ears. I am going to have to submit pics of him to the Grown-Up Puppy section. You will have found a twin.

Jack was a rescue, too! He was originally set to be put down, but the workers couldn't bear to see him go, so they moved him to another shelter. From there, a second group of people made the same decision, and sent him to a no-kill rescue. I saw an ad in the classifieds for him (with a different name), and we went to meet him. It was love at first sight!! He was beside himself with excitement, but he got into the back of our car and lay quietly for the whole ride home. It was like he knew that he was going home, and he should be on his best behavior. :)

As the years passed, he got more gray in his coat, so current photos look a bit different. I will be sure to send in a couple from when we first got him, so that you can see that he looked JUST LIKE Grommet. Now we call him a wizard. We also call him the "Luck Dragon" because that is what he looks like when he sticks his head out of a car window and the wind blows his hair back. He also looks like "Splinter" from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Amazing.
Dec 2, 2006 Puppy-lovin- freak
She's perfect... just perfect in every single way.
Dec 2, 2006 gin gin
LOVE this dog!
Dec 2, 2006 yujismom
I had a "grommet" too. Her name was Jeannie and she was going to be put down the day we got here at the pound. She was a schnauzer mix so we called her a "fauz schnauzer" or a "kayenta terrier." She died in May at 17 years, 4 months. Thats why we adopted Yuji our lhasa (also a rescue.) She looked just like Grommet and it was a shock to see a dog like her looking well and happy again-thanks grommet!
Dec 3, 2006 tina
luv the 3rd pic :)
Dec 3, 2006 Lucy Loo
Grommet, you are absolutely adorable!
Dec 3, 2006 hailey dog mom
I had a dog that looked just like this growing up.She was a great dog too, so smart and cuddly too. She was also a rescue pup
Dec 3, 2006 robbio
those are some spiffy eyebrows!
Dec 4, 2006 anon
she's so cute and looks like a ton of fun! I wonder if there isn't some schnauzer in there...
Dec 4, 2006 scobig
Grommet, thats a cute name! Do you have another dog named Wallace? Haha. I too have a perpetual puppy... I keep waiting for him to become a dog, and he just doesnt. Im totally not complaining though! My Scotty still has puppy belly! He is almost 2! :D
Jan 21, 2007 Loizhanne
look how grommett just soaks up life. i agree, radical eyebrows. thanks for sharing that sweet face.
Feb 1, 2007 louthepurplefairy
oh my gosh! Grommet looks just like my dog Star! Sadly she died in Nov 2005 aged 10. She was an Airedale Terrier mix and her coat was rougher, but when i clipped her out in the summer she looked just like grommet! Star was real character and never thought of herself as a dog. I got her as a 7 week old pup, when i was 3 months pregnant with my firstborn and she would lay on my belly and listen to the baby. When my son was born, she would follow him everywhere, trying to clean him and contantly waiting for the scraps of food that fell from his baby chair! She slept in my bed, did exactly as she pleased and just led the life of a complete chill out! She had eyebrows like grommett, a moustache and a beard which she would wipe all over you after she had a slurp from her water dish. She gave all those she loved oodles of kisses and a lot of love. Some days i think i can still hear her snoring on my bed.....
Dec 28, 2007 Minkiesmum
Well saved indeed. She's lovely !
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