Guiana the Chihuahua

Dog Breed: Chihuahua

Hi my name is Guiana, pronounced Julie-ana. I am a Chihuahua but I'm not just any Chihuahua--I am a rare blue-haired Chihuahua. I love to play with my brothers, Mr. Winkles and Chainy (the cat). I love to go out and play in my huge yard with my mama while my daddy takes pictures of me! I truly do have the best home!

Comments (49)
randomearrings Apr 20, 2011
Guiana you are a beauty, tiny but perfect. Congrats on being chosen...

T&T Apr 20, 2011
What a little sweetpea! Hi from fellow chichis Tango and Tia.

princelover Apr 20, 2011
What a georgous little girl. So much personality fitted into a tiny...

guerrero's grandma Apr 20, 2011
time to stop & smell the flowers... hey, this one doesn't smell...

Puppy Power Apr 20, 2011
What a cute picture! Guiana you are beautiful! Have fun playing and...

daphne's mom Apr 20, 2011
Guiana you are beautiful! I hope you have a long happy and healthy...

xray 630 Apr 20, 2011
Guiana you are too cute to put into words.I love your color markings....

xray 630 Apr 20, 2011
Forgot to pick a photo to comment on. They were all wonderful. This...

Goldenmom58 Apr 20, 2011
Ahhh, a flower child with a wonderful name. Guiana, I am so happy...

waiskai'smommy Apr 20, 2011
Absolutely beautiful!

JanW Apr 20, 2011
Sweet, sweet little face!!! You are just a little beauty. Hope that...

pelligrino Apr 20, 2011
You are a pretty young lady Guiana!

spiritmaiden Apr 20, 2011
how adorable! lots of love and kisses!

jasper1 Apr 20, 2011
She's darling! What a beautiful girl!

janaS Apr 20, 2011
she's gorgeous.

malawi Apr 20, 2011
What a pretty little girl you are Guiana Love your beautiful...

curly#1 Apr 20, 2011
Guiana, you are such a little cutie. I would love to have a little...

Iggy'sMom Apr 20, 2011
Just adore long haired Chihuahuas and you are a darling little dog. ...

ChiMommy Apr 20, 2011
What a perfect little snuggle bunny! Hello from a fellow Chi, Cami.

leia kelly Apr 20, 2011

clemency Apr 20, 2011
Absolutely beautiful!!! Gorgeous fur and markings. One of the...

goldenlover Apr 20, 2011
Happy, pretty dog!

gryt Apr 20, 2011
Awww she's so sweet! She looks so gentle. :)

w102663 Apr 20, 2011
Guiana has beautiful eyes and a very sweet face. Sounds like...

natashad Apr 20, 2011
so cute.

virgilsmama Apr 20, 2011
Guiana you really are a pretty delicate little girl, love your...

shortyww22 Apr 20, 2011
Guiana,you are such a cutie with you're adorable Lil face and...

Maxi's mum Apr 20, 2011
what a cutie!!

drakes' granny Apr 20, 2011
Guiana truly is a beautiful little girl. Everyone should stop and...

Laguz Apr 20, 2011
Normally, I'm not that into small dogs, but this picture (and...

pirosred Apr 20, 2011
I wonder what she is looking at? Never heard of this breed, so nice...

pirosred Apr 20, 2011
I just ahd to comment again. Love this picture, she is such a doll!...

Molly & Daisy's Mom Apr 20, 2011
Awwww! Guiana is so cute! I love long-haired Chihuahuas,and Guiana is...

bluegigi Apr 20, 2011
Incredibly cute - OMG!

kgpayne13 Apr 20, 2011
How sweet!

tzumom Apr 20, 2011
You are so beautiful little girl. What a lucky family to have you...

lucybee Apr 20, 2011
I've never heard of a blue haired chihuahua,but you are...

stillwater20 Apr 20, 2011
I had to laugh out loud when I saw this photo!! Just lookin' at...

Coinshop Apr 20, 2011
Guiana is a cutie.

wolfgirl66 Apr 20, 2011
Sweet Guiana is very very pretty!

mychiensr1 Apr 20, 2011
hI Guiana, you are so cute! I can tell youe mommy and daddy take a...

Candy&Chloe's mom Apr 20, 2011
What a precious little face this baby has! The sweetest eyes!

Jose Apr 20, 2011
Guiana I hope that you have lot's of fun playing with your...

elliel Apr 21, 2011
Such a cute little dog. She is a very pretty color.

amyliz Apr 21, 2011
Guiana, I didn't get a chance ot comment on you yesterday but...

Aussie Lover!!!!! :) Apr 21, 2011
awwww!!! such a cutelittle one! beatiful markings and an adorable...

monkeynbubba Apr 21, 2011
Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Soooooooooooooo adorable! Be...

iluvk9s Apr 21, 2011
What a sweet pretty face!!! Guiana is so adorable!

Eli's mom Apr 22, 2011
What a beauty! And this picture has to be a prizewinner, too ... one...