Harrison the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Dog Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Harrison is a very happy and intelligent puppy! He loves going out on adventures to the park and the beach. He loves to cuddle and have his tummy rubbed. What he loves best of all is playing with other dogs! He's yet to met a dog he didn't like.

Comments (53)
love dogs too Dec 1, 2011
Aw can I rub your belly? OMG you are so cute.

happypup Dec 1, 2011
What a gorgeous, happy puppy!!! Lots of belly rubs to you, Harrison!!

princelover Dec 1, 2011
Who could resist giving your tummy a tickle? Not I, for sure, and...

amyliz Dec 1, 2011
Are you practicing your soulful look here, Harrison? You have it...

ursa'smomma Dec 1, 2011
Harrison is quite the handsome laddie!

daphne's mom Dec 1, 2011
How beautiful! I hope you have many happy and healthy years...

StratNat Dec 1, 2011
Harrison has the most expressive eyes! Beautiful pup.

cutiepants26 Dec 1, 2011
Awww! Harrison! You and your ADORABLE eye-liner look! SO CUTE! You...

Puppy Power Dec 1, 2011
What a wonderful picture! I love your pointed ears Harrison! The...

strawbabies Dec 1, 2011
Who wants a belly rub?

LizzieC Dec 1, 2011
That is one of the most perfect faces put on a pup. Such inquisitive...

Abiglen Dec 1, 2011
Harrison,you're a very handsome and sweet natured guy. I'm...

Loriyoung8 Dec 1, 2011
Harrison is a very handsome boy!

Jansil40 Dec 1, 2011
Oh My Gosh! Harrison is a very Handsome Little Fella! I just want to...

chelsearosebud Dec 1, 2011
Morning, Harrison! Are you sure you're not part monkey?! There...

chelsearosebud Dec 1, 2011
PS: Case in point! ; )

CA puppylover Dec 1, 2011
Harrison is the cutest! We love pembroke corgis after being owned by...

missO Dec 1, 2011
Hey to you Harrison! You're a fine looking fella. Much happiness...

cane corso Dec 1, 2011
All are great photos and Harrison is gorgeous! This is my favorite...

The Raven Dec 1, 2011
Harrison, you have the totally most amazing eyes, I have ever seen on...

JanW Dec 1, 2011
Harrison, you're one very handsome puppy! I love your coloring...

gryt Dec 1, 2011
Cutie. :)

drakes' granny Dec 1, 2011
Harrison is adorable - very handsome fella. Happy days forever...

Learama Dec 1, 2011
Oh My Goodness! What a little cutie! I would love to meet you so I...

gouldkb Dec 1, 2011
What a cutie! I love your ears :)

GottaGettaToy Dec 1, 2011
Awwwww I love your gi-normous Bat Ears!! Our 2 corgies had the same...

Linds622 Dec 1, 2011
Haha this is great! :)

tomthumb Dec 1, 2011
What a happy boy. You look so playful and loving. Continue to have a...

Missmilamae Dec 1, 2011
Aw harrison, you are just gorgeous, you remind me of my Tommy who...

Cindylu001 Dec 1, 2011
Who can resist a Corgi face with those wise expressive eyes and large...

sowhatisnew Dec 1, 2011
I love this dog! Corgis are so expressive and just plain fun! ...

jonnijones Dec 1, 2011
What a doll!

elliel Dec 1, 2011
He looks so very serious! Smile!

Noodlesboy Dec 1, 2011
Harrison you are adorable! Noodles gives me this look when he is too...

Henry 'n' Gem Dec 1, 2011
AWWWW!! Harrison is adorable! It looks like he has eye liner on!...

Pupeluv Dec 1, 2011
Harrison, I LOVE your name! :-) You are such a cute Corgi...

guerrero's grandma Dec 1, 2011
hahahahahah that tickled! hey! why'd you stop rubbing my belly? ...

GSDLVR Dec 1, 2011
Harrison is adorable!

WATERDOG Dec 1, 2011
I hear ya Bro. Believe me, I HEAR you. Harrison, you are one handsome...

PWD Shower Dec 1, 2011
gorgeous eyes!

mychiensr1 Dec 1, 2011
Harrison is sooo cute! He has such beautiful eyes. Hugs and kisses...

tzumom Dec 1, 2011
What a cutie you are...I love these ears!! What a darling little one...

wolfgirl66 Dec 1, 2011
Totally ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose Dec 2, 2011
Harrison you're sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I hope that you...

veronica Dec 2, 2011
wow, so cute. x

maroula Dec 2, 2011
Such beauty ! You're a sight for sore eyes! I can't believe...

Wigglebutt1 Dec 2, 2011
Aww, look at those soulful eyes. Reminds me of my Lab. Such a cutie!

tabily Dec 2, 2011
The last picture is the best!! So much corgi cuteness!!

corgimama74 Dec 2, 2011
What a handsome boy! Harrison is classic corgi all the way! ...

corgimama74 Dec 2, 2011
What a handsome boy! Harrison is classic corgi all the way! ...

4loveoftbone Dec 5, 2011
I'll bet you can fly!! have you tried yet harry? Hope you dont...

puppyluv420 Dec 8, 2011
ahhh how adorable is he!!! love those corgi ears, i am a sucker for...

Ocean_of_Fire87 Dec 23, 2011
Om nom nom! Looks like he found a chew toy that will never...