Heidi the Pit Bull

Dog Breed: Unknown

Heidi's mom says: Heidi is the second out of my three dogs that I own, so she's the middle sibling! I got Heidi when she was exactly two months old from a friend who was unable to keep her in her already large puppy family. Heidi is so beautiful that it was hard for my friend or I to pass up, not to mention her temperament is perfect! Heidi enjoys the outdoors, playing with other dogs, and vacationing at the Oregon Coast. She also likes to play tug, wrestle, swim in the creek outside of town, and loves to chase after her younger brother, who is also a pit bull. She will also lick you as long as you sit still. She'll get in the "lick-lick" mood where even if she's not licking you, she walks around just licking the air. It is so cute! Her ears are another obnoxious thing about her. They are like huge antennas that she can position any way she wants depending on what she wants to listen to. My favorite is when both her ears sit straight up on top of her head!