Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Feb 23, 2008 untbunny
I don't know what is more adorable-her rather large ears or the tail sticking straight out from under her jacket. She is a beautiful baby who should go a long way teaching others that Pits are not bad dogs. Much love to all your babies.
Feb 23, 2008 sylvanbliss
These are great pictures! I've looked at them over and over, trying to decide which one to pick....this one made me smile the most.

Heidi sounds like a fun pup...I love to watch a dog with radar ears. More so since they're polka-dotted! Noticed her ink ran down from her nose down to her lower lip...adorable! Her buddy is mighty cute too!

Do give her a rump slappin' and a kiss on that broad forehead from me?
Feb 23, 2008 kool_kat_3
AWWW Heidi is the cutest pit bull I have ever ever seen! She looks like she has so much fun! Lots of love and treats to her! xxxxx
Feb 23, 2008 goldenrod1967
I love that Pitty smile!!! Heidi is beautiful!
Feb 23, 2008 yujismom
heidi-you and your sibs are so cute its a pittie!
Feb 23, 2008 whoopiwho
She is beautiful! Hard to pick a favorite picture! Her brother is gorgeous. They both have beautiful markings. I don't care what people say about pits, they are great dogs if in the right ownership. Lots of hugs and Licks!!
Feb 23, 2008 bongo
She is so pretty! I like her short short coat and her long tail. She looks like lots of fun!
Feb 23, 2008 bopeep
Heidi looks like a fun loving dog to me. Pits need lots of exercise and she sure gets her share. Many more happy years with this little beauty. Hugs and kisses from Kansas.
Feb 23, 2008 maddie's mom
i couldnt pick a pic either they are all so good!!! heidi's brother is lovely too. heidi sounds like a great dog. she looks like she's having fun in all the pictures.
Feb 23, 2008 zoerosesmom
Oh Heidi you are a beauty! Your brother is a cutie, too! Your mommy is very lucky to have both of you! Wishing you many happy romps along the beach - it looks like fun! I envy you!
Many snuggles and biscuits pretty girl!
Feb 23, 2008 Mummm
Heidi is one beautiful lady!
Feb 23, 2008 nesherismydog
Man, that water is refreshing! She's beautiful!
Feb 23, 2008 detroitdaisy
She's a beaut! My dogs and I are jealous that we can't play by the sea. We're in land-locked Middle America, but we go to a pond whenever we can, and we always see other Pits jumping in the water!
Feb 23, 2008 haybails
I love her in the stream! So freakin cute.
Feb 23, 2008 BrightRedScream
She's wonderful :)
Viva the pit bulls!
Punish the deed, not the breed.
Feb 23, 2008 mling
Heidi is such a beauty! I love the puppy symmetry of these two buddies!
Feb 23, 2008 Glorybe
What a beautiful, majestic girl. The pictures of Heidi on the coast are stunning.

I really like the looks of this breed. About 6-7 years ago, I almost purchased a puppy, but in researching, I found my homeowners insurance policy would be cancelled! I thought that was just an overly cautious company so tried them all, and was told the same thing! They stated the risk was too high for liability. Has this perception changed? Do these animals really have that bad of reputation? Anyway....Heidi is just beautiful.

May you all have many many beautiful, loving years ahead.
Feb 23, 2008 paws4thought
[color=red]I don't really know much about Pit Bulls beacause I am English and here, Pits have been banned.

All I really know is that they are supposed to have a bad reputation of being aggressive. BUT people shouldn't judge a dog by its breed. Yes it does give you an insight into the general personality of the breed but each and every dog is different and has a different personality.

Many people think that i have the wrong idea about Pit Bulls and that I should not assume these things.

BUT if that were the case then WHY do people still have them as pets?
The answer is simple. Because they are loveable, friendly, playful......dogs, not wild, savage animals as people believe they are.
People get this impression because of what they've heard. BUT they are wrong to do that. No two dogs are the same.
I have a Rottweiler and when I walk down the road with him, people back away, or cross on to the other side as if he will attack them.
Rottweiler do have a bad reputation, but not all of them are like that.
Sonny (my Rottie) would never be able to hurt a fly, he is too gentle and cuddly.
It is never the dogs fault for its actions. It is the owners fault for not training their dog properly and not giving it the life it really needs.

Your Pit Bull is beautiful, both of them are and let nobody tell you otherwise.
Have so much fun with all your dogs and I really hope you have many great memories from your time with them.[/color]

[b][color=pink]X[/color][color= red]O[/color][color=pink]X[/color][ color=red]O[/color][/b]
Feb 23, 2008 pauz4paws
Miss Heidi, you are gorgeous....(your brother is also beautiful). I love the muscular chests on pits, and you and your brother's look amazing. I chose the water pix of you because I like to see a pit enjoy water. My Brindey Lou couldn't stand water! She would walk out until the water touched her tummy then stop, turn around cautiously and high step back like she was in something disgusting! She was one silly pit bull and I miss her like crazy. Keep on swimming girl, and have a great life!
Love lots from Fl. xoxo
Feb 23, 2008 ceallaig
Heidi, you look like my canine 'niece' Gloria, also a white pit bull, and she too couldn't be sweeter. Pits have a bad rep because of the folks who breed them for fighting and as aggressive guard dogs. Brought up to be gentle they will be gentle, but unfortunately there are a lot of places that still see them as hounds from Hades.

Heidi, keep on being a good ambassador for your breed, and enjoy those nice swims -- my Chester is seriously jealous!
Feb 23, 2008 Terry C
The "bans" against pit bulls and other breeds are ridiculous. I've never met a "mean" pit bull.

Like any other dog, they need to be socialized and trained.

Heidi is gorgeous! Just stunning.
Feb 23, 2008 snuh
gasp! what is it, girl?!
what a sweet pup!
Feb 23, 2008 megs
Heidi is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Possibly more gorgeous than my Pitty girl!! teehee jk I also lovvve her name!! So unique!! Enjoy your beautiful sweetheart! :)
Feb 23, 2008 denawolves
Heidi and her brother do look like they're just wrapping up a dance number and this is the "Ta-da!" part! I think Pit Bulls are misunderstood because of their ultimate dogginess- that is, just because of their fantastic traits. They can have a direct gaze in their eyes which is really just intelligence and them communicating with you. Because ignorant, evil [and many other choice words] breeders in the past would breed for aggression, the gentle ones got clobbered. You hear more about the mean ones instead of the majority who are sweet and loving family pets. Yours will help spread the word though- they're beautiful!
Feb 23, 2008 skeeze_in_belize
She looks like a lot of fun! What a cutie :D
Feb 23, 2008 sylvanbliss
A couple of years ago, on another site, I saw a positive video of Pit Bulls. Laying next to sleeping babies, visiting elderly in nursing homes, doing all the gentle things a well raised dog can do. Not just a couple of examples, lots of beautiful, sweet Pit Bulls. It was very moving. Wish I had book marked it! Maybe someone else knows of it and can post it on the Forum?

Those that make policy for insurance co. should watch it and learn that banning specific dog breeds is like saying one race of humans is -fill in the blank- and a risk to others. (stupid)
Feb 23, 2008 pooh91158
What a beautiful girl!!!
Feb 24, 2008 nanism
I love Heidi's antenna ears. And glad to see that our pit is not the only one that wears a coat outside (we're from WI).
Feb 28, 2008 bulldogmom
I agree with Sylvan insurance company cancelling a policy due to a specific breed is like saying that whites, blacks or indians cannot be insured. Its simply insane. I have an American Bulldog. When we bought our house the insurance adjuster came to our door to confirm the value of our house. Upon seeing our bulldog, he immedietly made me show our AKC papers to prove she wasn't a pit bull. How ridiculous? Anyway...your "pibbles" are bootiful and bless you for seeing their true colors!! I mean seriously...look at this goofy girl and ask yourself, How could she possibly be dangerous???
Apr 21, 2008 shell242
Beautiful!!! I'm so glad you kept her little bully ears!
Jul 16, 2008 shell242
Heidi is gorgeous. Shame on everyone that did not give her 11 biscuits. Bully's Unite! I'm so glad you didn't chop off her ears. They are adorable and so is Heidi.
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