Hunter the Jack Russel Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Hunter's mom says: We found Hunter on this summer, and are thrilled to spend our first Canadian Christmas together. He is absolutely affectionate, always ready with licks, snuggles and nuzzles. He is full of energy (we call him a "Jack on Stilts"), because he is about 32 lbs of Jack Russel, with some Treeing Walker Hound thrown in! His sweet face is irresistible to us, and anyone who meets him, as are his funny three perfectly round black spots. We tease him about looking like a cow with those spots, although he has quite a cute pink piggy under-belly. Also, the pink and black freckles on his nose make him quite smoochable. After fully active days, he is the world's biggest (snoring) sleepy head, and impossible to wake up in the morning. He usually wakes up with bed head, does his two slow elongated stretches, and turns on full speed for squirrel patrol.