Indu the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Mixed (unknown)

My precious 2 year old adopted dog is soo cute and cuddly. She came from North Shore Animal league when she was just 2 months old. I've been blessed to have her as my companion. She enjoys long walks, fetching and getting dressed up. In keeping with her host family's traditions, she washes her feet before entering the house after playing in the yard, and enjoys tasty Indian food.

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veronica Mar 9, 2011
so adorable. x

lornad1103 Mar 9, 2011
What a Beautiful Dog you are Indu! have a nice life with your family...

lornad1103 Mar 9, 2011
oops forgot to chose a picture

lornad1103 Mar 9, 2011
I also love this picture! Indu looks like she's smiling.

wolfgirl66 Mar 9, 2011
Sweet Indu is very beautiful!!!!!!!!

shortyww22 Mar 9, 2011
Hello Indu,you are a very pretty girl.hope you have many happy years...

cluvsdogs Mar 9, 2011
pretty girl.

jasper1 Mar 9, 2011
AWWW! She's beautiful!! What a profile! Long, happy, healthy life...

Mademoise11e Mar 9, 2011
Beautiful girl! She looks like she might be a long lost cousin of my...

guerrero's grandma Mar 9, 2011
What a gorgeous girl you are Indu, & such a pretty smile! Long &...

goldenlover Mar 9, 2011
Beautiful dog !! Good for you on the adoption.

dogdays Mar 9, 2011
Gorgeous girl, maybe some Husky in those striking light blue eyes....

amyliz Mar 9, 2011
Beautiful Indu is wonderful in every way!

Kddid429 Mar 9, 2011
Check out my awesome eyes!

muffin Mar 9, 2011
This dog is just beautiful. looks very intelligent and with much soul.

Mmmousemaid Mar 9, 2011

Goldenmom58 Mar 9, 2011
Indu, that is very nice of you to wash your feet before entering your...

weddie Mar 9, 2011
Hello Indu--My name is Sophie. When I saw your picture I was...

WATERDOG Mar 9, 2011
Jeepers, look at those peepers! Wowzer. Indu, you are such a...

janaS Mar 9, 2011
beautiful dog, love her eyes and markings.

pelligrino Mar 9, 2011
Indu is beautiful, and looks like a loving and loyal campanion! From...

kerryllr Mar 9, 2011
What a lovely lady this one is!

elliel Mar 9, 2011
She washes her feet before entering the house? That must be quite a...

chelsearosebud Mar 9, 2011
Indu is a glorious girl. Nothing better or more rewarding than a...

MY1&onlyOREO Mar 9, 2011
She is amazingly beautiful with those unique eyes. I, too, used to...

gouldkb Mar 9, 2011
Indu what a beautiful dog you are! the camera certainly loves you. ...

The Raven Mar 9, 2011
Indu, you are just lovely. And Lucky, too. I used to donate to...

lucybee Mar 9, 2011
You are a true beauty.I'm betting there is some Australian...

daphne's mom Mar 9, 2011
How beautiful! I hope you have many happy and healthy years...

tribefan6180 Mar 9, 2011
Possibly the most uniquely beautiful dog I've ever seen on Daily...

bonnie99 Mar 9, 2011
a lovely lady

LATaurus Mar 9, 2011
Indu you are beautiful and I would love to sit down for some korma,...

kimbo410 Mar 9, 2011
Gosh, I wish I knew how to train my Aspen to wash her feet! Our...

w102663 Mar 9, 2011
I love your smile, Indu; your eyes even smile. :o) You are precious...

clemency Mar 9, 2011
Wow! What an incredibly beautiful girl! I love Indu's coloring...

malawi Mar 9, 2011
Indu is such a great looking girl!

rainingpuppies Mar 9, 2011
Indu you are so beautiful! And for you being tied up, I'm sure you...

pandrews-4 Mar 9, 2011
Congrats on your win today, Indu! You are beautiful!

isbel5926 Mar 9, 2011
Indu, you are a very beautiful dog!!! congratulations on winning the...

kenna Mar 9, 2011
You are the cutest!

Oliver & Henry's Mum Mar 9, 2011
Indu is just beautiful. Kudos to you for rescuing this darling...

mychiensr1 Mar 9, 2011
Hi Indu, we just want to say how beautiful you are:-). We love your...

tzumom Mar 9, 2011
such a beautiful pup you are. I'm so glad that you have found...

bluegigi Mar 9, 2011
You're gorgeous Indu and I love your beautiful face and eyes and...

mkesj Mar 9, 2011
Gorgeous profile. Love the coloration.

SadieBadie Mar 9, 2011
What a beautiful dog! I love her eyes! And her name is gorgeous too!...

Jose Mar 9, 2011
Indu may you have many days of happiness and love. You are...

pirosred Mar 10, 2011
Beautiful dog! North Shore Animal Leagur is a great place. I am...

Puppy Power Mar 10, 2011
Such a pretty girl; I'm sure you make your owner very proud! Hugs...

drakes' granny Mar 10, 2011
Indu is just beautiful. Love the color of the eyes. She looks very...

kitcaepup Mar 10, 2011
Indu is a beautiful girl!!!

Coinshop Mar 10, 2011
Indu is gorgeous!

iluvk9s Mar 10, 2011
Wow Indu is such a beautiful baby! Tons of cookies, hugs and kisses!!

monkeynbubba Mar 11, 2011
Isn't She pretty; Very striking eyes; Beautiful. Be happy.