Isuzu the German Shepherd Mix

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Golden Retriever

Isuzu loves run off leash, go on long walks, chase blowing leaves, and to play fetch (though he's still working on "drop it". He would rather tug when he brings it back. He loves cheese (his favorite word) and will chew on everything--bully sticks, toys, and gum he finds in coat pockets. He has the best personality--always so excited to see us when we get home; excited to meet new people and other dogs! He loves his best buddy dogs and will run around and wrestle with them for hours on playdates before he gets tired. He's very smart. We love the way he cocks his head when he's listening and gives us a sideways glance when he's thinking about being a stinker. He will be great watchdog and found his big boy bark a few months ago. We are so happy to have Isuzu in our family--he brightens every day!