Jack the Boxer

Dog Breed: Boxer

Jack's dad says: Jack is very intelligent and extremely large for a purebred boxer -- 98 lbs. I adopted jack at 18 months old. He was born in South Africa. He's now seven years young. The people who had him used to take him to their workplace in Africa. When they came to Florida, they weren't able to do that. At the time, I had just lost my fawn female boxer of 12 years, Jesa, and had contacted boxer adoption agencies. They saw my interest in boxers and gave me a call. At the time they lived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I live in Vero Beach, FL. They brought "Butchy" to my residence. They walked in my house, Butchy (who is now Jack) came up to me, kissed me on my face, and the rest is history.