Jack the Spaniel / Border Collie Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Jack's mom says: I adopted Jack in December 2006. He was in a shelter in Somerset, Pennsylvania, for months, and was going to be put down, but a small local shelter took him in and I was lucky enough to meet him. When I first saw Jack, he was hanging his head and scared, but he has changed so much since then and holds his head and tail proud all the time. Jack is so smart and seems to get smarter each day. He is now discovering different ways to find food around the house. Jack loves to go for car rides, so much so that when I take him for a walk he will pull the leash towards the car and sit by the passenger door until I let him in. He is a mix of springer spaniel and border collie, but I have been told he might have some Labrador in him. Jack is so full of character, and he loves people, especially when they give him belly rubs. Jack is the most loyal dog I have ever met. He follows me around and just sleeps at my feet. Jack is the best friend anyone could ask for, and I love him so much.