Jasielynn the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever / Siberian Husky

Jasielynn, pronounced JazzyLynn, is a husky / Lab mix and the love of my life. She is a very outgoing and loving dog. Jasie adores her brothers Harley and Kona, and treats them as if they were her children. She is not one to want to play in the water with her siblings, but loves to just cuddle and spend time with her brothers or with people. She likes to go to the dog park, but not for the dogs. Jasie likes the human contact. We call her one of our four-legged children. She sleeps with Mommy and Daddy every night. Jasie is our middle "child" but acts as if she is the only "child" when it's time to head for bed. She doesn't like her brothers trying to share her bed space. Life wouldn't be the same with her!