Jesse the Labrador/Shepherd

Dog Breed: Unknown

Jesse's mom says: Jesse was truly a surprise addition to our family. We had gone out to lunch, and afterwards we decided to stroll through the downtown area of San Carlos. We came to the local pet store and the humane society was there with about five dogs. Jesse was sitting on the sidewalk and immediately jumped up onto my husband's lap when he bent down to pet him. He looked at my husband with the sweetest eyes, and as the other people walked by and tried to pet him he seemed quite disinterested in them, responding only to us. We ended up walking on but kept looking back at him, saying to each other how cute he was. We weren't looking for a dog, although we had contemplated it from time to time. I had never been a dog owner. But his eyes... just staring back at me as we walked on... I started getting butterflies in my stomach from excitement (nervousness?) at the thought of taking him home. Needless to say, an hour later he was in the front seat of our car! Jesse is a sweet boy. He loves other dogs, walks, the dog park, his Frisbee, tennis balls, and squeaky toys. He was actually born at the humane society and his mother had rejected all four of her puppies so he was never properly nursed or trained. But he has come such a long way! He sits (even at street corners before crossing), gives us his paw, and lies down, all on command. He has such a kind disposition. We can't believe that many people don't want black dogs because of superstitions or because they feel they don't photograph well. (In fact black dogs are the most highly euthanized we have come to find). Jesse must know this because he loves to ham it up for the camera! He is a proud boy, and we just love him.