Jessie Jane the Jack Russell Terrier

Dog Breed: Unknown

Jessie Jane's dad says: Jessie was given to us when she was about four months old. By the way she would respond to us, right away we knew that Jessie was a special dog. She loves to be outside and lie in the sun or be around the pool. She loves to swim and dive for balls. She will float in the pool on the rubber mats like she is some kind of queen! This little girl has a mind of her own. She will listen most of the time but when she wants to do something there is no stopping her. Like the time she broke away to chase after a herd of deer, or when she went through the neighborhood looking for the "big dogs." Jessie loves to run, the faster the better. She also loves children and going on long walks. Her favorite foods are carrots and popcorn. When she is finally ready to settle down, she is the most lovable dog and will will sit in your lap and give you as many kisses as you would ever want. Yes, Jessie is a very special Jack Russell, and she knows it!