Kane the Yellow Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Unknown

Kane's mom says: Kane will be three in March, but is still a puppy at heart. He is nothing but a 92 lb baby who loves his Mama, Daddy, and older ''Brother' Tucker (6 years old). His nickname is Sugar Kane. Kane loves all people and has even made friends with the UPS man. He loves to jump in the truck and go into the back to see if there are any packages for him. Both of our boys are spoiled rotten and are only completely content when both their Momma and Daddy are at home. We have an electrical fence with about 3 acres for them to run in, so they are happy when outdoors. Kane loves the outdoors but wants someone (usually Tucker) to go out with him. Poor Tucker, who loves the indoors, has to go with him, and will sometimes turn around and come back in once Kane has rounded the corner. When Kane scratches on the door to come in he always looks behind him like the boogy man is after him. All labs are loving and great companions for humans, but I've never come across one as sweet and loving as Kane. He has truly blessed our home and lives.