Khaki the Puggle

Dog Breed: Unknown

Khaki 's mom says: After happening upon a Web site featuring puggles (pug/beagle mix) about four years ago, I knew that was the breed for me. How can you resist that sweet little face? Khaki can be a rambunctious little stinkpot, but my gosh, he is the sweetest little guy! He turned one year old on September 24 and it was as if he knew it was his day. He snuggled more than usual on that day and we ate it up! He not only thinks he is human but he has convinced himself that he is as big as any big dog, even though he is a mere 25 pounds. You will see the true little puppy in Khaki when you talk to him in a sweet voice. He will start slowly closing his eyes and nodding off. I just can’t say enough about this adorable little guy. He is definitely a mommy’s boy!