Khali the Terrier/Lab Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Khali's mom says: I am Canadian, and in Toronto, Canada, it's very difficult to adopt dogs as there aren't very many dogs to adopt and you have to wait on a waiting list. So when I began planning a move to San Diego, I also began planning to get a dog. Only a week after relocating, I began my hunt. I wanted to adopt a "teenage" dog with lots of energy. I went to many shelters, taking my time, with no breed or type of dog in mind. In November I went into the Central SPCA and looked around. There he was -- calm and waiting in his cage. I immediately asked to visit with him. When I told the man at the desk that I'd like to take him, he said, "I have to tell you that he was returned already." Returned? The man went on to say that Khali (his name was Skeeter) had been adopted by a family that said he was too hyper and had nipped at kids and lunged at other dogs. I said, "Okay, I'll take him!" Straight for a two-hour walk we went, and then to the dog park. To this day, he has never nipped at a child and he LOVES other dogs. We are at the leash-free dog park every day. I'm an active person so he gets tons of exercise. It's a shame for the family that gave him up because he has been the most lovable, well behaved, sweet dog. But I am glad that they returned him so that I could have him all to myself! I changed his name to Khali for a few reasons. It sounds like California, but most importantly it means "free" in Hindi. After time in the shelter and being adopted and returned, he is finally free with me, because there is no way I will ever give this sweet guy up!!