Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Feb 14, 2007 puppypower
you and Khali are both so lucky to have found each other! I know my husband and i can't wait to get out our apartment so we can get an energetic, fun dog.

cute cute cute!
Feb 14, 2007 anon
He is adorable! Just looking at these pictures brings a smile to my face... And what a wonderful story. I'm so glad you found him and it sounds like a true happy ending. Many happy years to you and Khali! Also, I love his collar!
Feb 14, 2007 DogLuvver
Your story is so wonderful. I've heard black dogs often are overlooked at shelters, and older dogs too--so you did a double whammy there! Muchos kudos to you! Also, you knew all this dog needed was lots of exercise (must be a Cesar Millan fan). That's an excellent name too.

In 2005 I went with my mom to see about getting a shelter pup for her and my dad. We got a black energetic toddler! He's something, he's been to school twice now. He goes for many walks a day and lives at the beach. He's coming along. He's sweet as pie at home. It's just on the beach sometimes he gets a wild hair.

You have made my day with your story! Have lots of fun.
Feb 14, 2007 nicole
What a beautiful boy! I have a soft spot for shelter pups...that's where my baby came from too. Also, where did you get that great collar?
Feb 14, 2007 Loizhanne
khali is very beautiful. you will reap great rewards from him for the rest of his life for giving him a fine home. some dogs take a little time to get used to the bark park, but he looks like he will be a regular before too long. hugs all around,
Feb 14, 2007 roverdog8
Can't wait for you two to move closer to home so I can finally meet this guy!
What a great roverdog8productions model!
Happy Valentine's Day and a kiss on the lips to both of you!
Feb 14, 2007 yujismom
my rescue was returned once too-their loss! he's a beauty and your story is beautiful too...great valentine's tale!
Feb 14, 2007 BrightRedScream
It's not hard to adopt dogs in Canada at all - there are no waiting lists - so I don't know how you came about that experience...
But either way - you have a beautiful dog :) Lab x pit bull I'm pretty sure :) Congrats on a fabulous addition to your life.
Feb 14, 2007 dogs-are-people-too
Your Dog Is Awesome!! Your Story is Great!! congrats on the page...amazing photo's too. My name is Ron from Toronto. When I used to Sea Doo We had a dog...that used to enjoy boating all the time. I am sure that Khali just loves the Surf and Sand of Cali. Woof Ten!!
Feb 14, 2007 sputnik
Oh, he's beautiful... Khali is an angel
Feb 14, 2007 snazz
Looks just like my shelter boy! Everyone told us he was a lab mix, but turns out he's a coated Xolo. Common "mutt" mistake in the Mexico/U.S. border states. Great lil' pup there!
Feb 14, 2007 gina
he is absolutely beautiful!
Feb 15, 2007 snuggles19973
WOW what a great story. I am so glad you moved here and adopted such a beautiful little guy. He will be ever so grateful to you and will shower you with love for the rest of his life. Shelter dogs just wanna be loved and taken care of. If I had a huge farm I would adopt every single one of them. Huggs and kisses to put on your litte nose Khali.
May 19, 2007 sandi
I'm glad that Khali finally ended up with you. Maybe thing just didn't click with the first family-- so now he has his nitch. He is a beautiful and has a sweet and trusting face. He just needed indivual attention and someone that would give him lots of exercise.
May 23, 2007 allgodscritters
Khali is a beautiful boy. The first family who adopted him and returned him were obviously the wrong humans for him. He had to come back because he knew that his real family would be looking for him soon, and, sure enough, you found him - and he, you ;) What a wonderful way to begin your life together. May you and Khali have many wonderful years of joy as a family.
Jul 24, 2007 kukie
Khali is wonderful, what a great story too...keep on loving him and treating him right forever!!! I like the picture where Khali is all wet, so cute!
Aug 11, 2007 dogsrule
Handsome dog. So glad you adopted him. Give him a nice big hug and kiss for me! :)
Sep 27, 2008 rose56
Our puppy Angus is a Boston Terrier/Lab mix and looks alot like Khali. He is the sweetest little dog I've ever known. We got him at a shelter, too.
Nov 26, 2008 Amber1charlie
My dog Amber (u can look at pictures of her on my account) looks excatly like that but is just a puppy and has white and blonde fur. Khali is soo cute
Aug 16, 2010 Labenthusiast
Your Dog looks exactly like my dog we got about a month ago. He has the same spot of white fur on his chest (that's growing in), but he has a hair line ride in the center of his face, and on the sides of his neck. We had never heard of this breed until we adopted him in Florida from a shelter. He is quite an amazing dog, who is quite energetic, playful and adorable. I just finally searched Terrier lab mix, and saw this picture. Amazing how similar he is. His name is Tuck and he is only 4 months old, but amazingly similar. Here are some pictures: http://s279.photobucket.c om/albums/kk134/Music_killerz/Tuck/
Aug 16, 2010 Labenthusiast
Realized that that link was bad, so this one should work.... http:// usic_killerz/Tuck/?albumview=slides how
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