Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Oct 23, 2007 CatahoulaDad
Kudos to you for rescuing her.

Gotta love a mutt!
Oct 23, 2007 allgodscritters
Lola is beautiful. She has the dreamiest, sweetest eyes. They reflect a deep wisdom and very sharp intellect. I am so glad that you were on that street in Baltimore on that day. I can't even stand to think of her dodging that awful traffic. :( Her story certainly has a beautiful twist, though~ ~ I can see how she would be such a special member of your family. I hope that you have many more wonderful years together. Please give her a kiss from me - right between those beautiful, passionate chocolate eyes; and a huge hug to you for opening your car door and your heart to her.
Oct 23, 2007 Jeannie
What a cute face! I'm sure that somehow, you were meant to be together. Lots of love, and fun and happy times together,
Oct 23, 2007 bongo
Lola is lovely! How happy for both of you that you happened by that day.
Oct 23, 2007 Steph Burgis
Lola is gorgeous, and she sounds so lovable! How lucky for both you and her that you found each other. Sending virtual pets and stuffed toys! :)
Oct 23, 2007 Terry C
Lola looks to me like a Pug/Mini-Pin mix. I think the mix is called a "Carlin Pinscher". Some of them look like miniature Rottweilers.

We got our Puginese (Pug/Pekingese), Mack, the same way, I saw him just missed being hit by a car. Owners never tried to find him (no flyers, posters, ads, anything) and after making every effort to find his former "family", we decided to keep him.

Maybe it was just meant to be - like it was with you and Lola.
Oct 23, 2007 Terry C
How can people just lose a dog and not even try to find them?
Oct 23, 2007 Proud Mommy of 3

[b]God Bless you for unselfish act! Now because of you Lola has a REAL HOME where she IS LOVED!!!

That's so sad how she responds when given food. Poor baby wasn't fed properly before you rescued her from the BAD world! I wonder if she lost a litter of puppies and that's why she treats her stuffed toys as HER BABIES?!

I'm very glad that no one claimed her...SHE BELONGS WITH YOU![/b]

Oct 23, 2007 Marlowe's Mom
So nice to hear a sad story that turned out so happily for both of you. Maybe fate brought you together on that day when she jumped into your car?
Oct 23, 2007 Rachel
Lola is adorable. The story of how you and Lola met is wonderful. I wish you both the best.
Oct 23, 2007 magnoliasmom
Well, I think Lola was waiting for the RIGHT human to come along and rescue her - YOU were that human and it makes my heart swell with joy that you were there at the moment you were in order to allow Lola into your life. It is such a wonderful story and I am so happy for you and Lola. She is just beautiful - her shinny coat, bright eyes, and joyful expression! All are priceless.
Bless you and your beautiful little Lola.
Oct 23, 2007 rscriv
My "niece" is the cutest! She is the sweetest and most loving dog *wink wink*.
Oct 23, 2007 stinkerbelle1969
What an awesome story you have. I love how you found her. It's meant to be. Your reward for rescuing her is having this wonderful girl as your own. She is a beauty and has such a pretty coat. Her eyes say it all ..."I'm happy". May you have many many happy years together.
Oct 23, 2007 Booger'sMama
Ilove LOLA!
How beautiful is she??!!
Oct 23, 2007 FireHorse
What a sweet baby and what a strange way to find each other! It must have been fate. Kisses to Lola - you're a beauty!
Oct 23, 2007 Langtry
Lola: you are such a pretty girl!
Oct 23, 2007 kellybuzzard
Lola is so happy she's on the internet today. And very thankful for all the nice comments. Lola is also on and you can request to be her pup pal. http://www.dogster.c om/dogs...
Oct 23, 2007 routabarbgirl72
To Miss Lola, you are quite a blessed little girl to have been led to a MOMMIE who would do anything for yuo. So sorry it may not have been so nice before you met her.
To Lola's MOM
Awesome place to be in this world. You get the chance to Love Lola always. YAY PUPPY!
Oct 23, 2007 zoozieQ
hehe! so cute!
Oct 23, 2007 yujismom
checked your dogster page-well done! beautiful story, beautiful doggie, especially those ears!
Oct 23, 2007 bopeep
My computer was down yesterday, but I just had to comment about Lola. Thank you for taking her in. She looks and sounds happy and content. This pretty baby was meant to be yours. Hugs and kisses.
Oct 23, 2007 BeckersUNC
Just look at that cute little gremlin face! She is so uniquely adorable. :)
Oct 23, 2007 sylvanbliss
L-O-L-A-ola, Lola!

It was kismet that brought you together that day. She's georgous, love your story, a long, happy lifetime to you all!
Oct 23, 2007 babydollp80
What a little beauty!!!! I love her eyes you can get lost in them.
Oct 23, 2007 mbolan20
You sleep under the blankies?? Awwww you're awesome!
Oct 23, 2007 Mummm
No one could have found a better friend! Good pup Lola!!!
Oct 23, 2007 bbba80
Lola, you are a beauty. You are a lucky baby your mom found you when she did. I imagine she thinks she's the lucky one. Keep making each other happy. Love all the pictures.
Oct 23, 2007 Pandena
Lola knew what she was doing when she chose her new mom. Smart girl! She's beautiful, I wish you many happy years together.
Oct 23, 2007 casey's mom
Lucky for Lola and lucky for you that you found each other--meant to be! Lots of hugs and biscuits for your sweetie!
Oct 24, 2007 allimarie
Oh, thanks for rescuing this great girl! You can tell from the expression in her eyes in these pictures how much she adores her family. :D
Oct 24, 2007 allimarie
Oops, I was so moved to comment I forgot to pick a favorite photo: well, gotta love this one because it showcases her natural beauty AND the fact that she's aging well.
Oct 24, 2007 Susanah
Lola, you look like you own your world. And you look like a perfect chihuahua rotweiller (sp?) cross. What a handsome girl. Love those ears!!!
Oct 24, 2007 lovemypuggy
Lola looks and acts like she's part pug! The ears, the eyes, body frame and activity level!! She's so cute!! What a lucky puppy to have found you!
Oct 24, 2007 Jules2580
"Thanks for the bone momma, you are the best mommy in the whole world."

What a great rescue story.
Oct 25, 2007 OneFlower
Lola is such a beautiful dog. The picture of her with a chew stick in her mouth reminded me so much of my first dog, Gaia, and made my heart break all over again. Lola looks like a loving, friendly, fun dog to have around, just like my Gaia was. May she give you many long years of loving companionship. :)
Oct 27, 2007 Mom2Max
What a cutie pie!
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