Louie the Lhasa Apso

Dog Breed: Lhasa Apso

Hi, I'm Louie. I love to play with my best friend, Indie, who is much older but I still love to play with her. I'm from upstate New York. It gets pretty cold up here but I don't mind because I love running in the snow. I have so many toys I never get bored! I love to run like a mad man in my house. I have a very comfortable bed but most of the time I sleep with my owner on her bed. We always cuddle. I think she likes it too. I love to play, but I also love to relax and chill for a day. I can get scared of a lot of things, but I can be tough and bark back. I always like to protect my family. For some reason there are always rabbits in my yard and I always want to chase them, but my owners don't let me. I love my family so much!