Friday, July 25, 2014
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Apr 16, 2009 wolfgirl66
Awwwwwww! I hope that beautiful Lucy will soon be in a wonderful FOREVER HOME!!!!!!!! Good Luck Sweetie Pie!!!!!
Apr 16, 2009 suelill
Lucy I so hope you get a new home soon - you are adorable. Big hugs baby.
Apr 16, 2009 jobo123
Awwwwwww Lucy is beautiful
Apr 16, 2009 howiesmom
Good luck Lucy!! You sweetheart you!!!
Apr 16, 2009 kady
I hope this beatuiful girl finds a loving home quickly.She deserves to be happy and loved.
Apr 16, 2009 emmy5blue
Hpoe you find your forever home soon - you're adorable xx
Apr 16, 2009 toddycat
Lucy, you are sooooo beautiful. I hope you find a forever home asap. You definitely deserve one. I'd love to cuddle with you. Tons of hugs, kisses, tummy rubs, cuddles, and bikkies for you forever.
Apr 16, 2009 w102663
Lucy you sound like a bundle of joy. I am so happy that you found your way to the shelter. Someone out there has so much love to give to you and you to them...hope you connect with them soon. You deserve the best of everything, cutie pie. XXX OOO
Apr 16, 2009 brunomom
What a beautiful gal. I pray she gets a home, if I didn't have 3 already - I would consider her in a heart beat.
Apr 16, 2009 snoopygirl
Aww Lucy :) I really hope she gets her forever home.
Apr 16, 2009 courtx
Good luck hunny! with those looks I'm sure you'll find one fast!
Apr 16, 2009 fritzy
Lucy, you are a sweet one!!! Good luck in finding your forever home!!! :)
Apr 16, 2009 razz
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW i hope it finds a good home good luck you are soooooooo cute as well
Apr 16, 2009 maddiesmom
Lucy you are so beautiful and gentle. I hope you find your forever home soon and that you are loved everyday.
Apr 16, 2009 HillCountryGal
I'll predict it won't be long till Lucy has her forever home. Such a sweetheart.
Apr 16, 2009 pamfontainepeters
What a cutie! Just know your forever home is around the corner (with no orange traffic cones - nasty things). Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Apr 16, 2009 venus07052
This is NOT a boxer mix! This is a American Bulldog (Scott Type) Any AB owner can tell you that - She looks like a very sweet girl - I'll be contacting the rescue group to see how I can help. I am a huge lover of AB's they are great family dogs.If you think she's cute check into the AB breed - they are wonderful dogs.
Apr 16, 2009 amyliz
Oh Lucy, you look so sweet it breaks my heart! I hope you will be your forever home soon, dear one! In the meantime, continue to keep the world safe from those oragen traffic cones! :)
Apr 16, 2009 meswift
Hi - for the person who tried to email Adopt A Boxer, please try, . Lucy is such a sweet girl and we appreciate your getting in touch! - Melissa
Apr 16, 2009 ShihTzuLvr
What a gorgeous girl. I so hope you find a forever home really soon and live a long, happy life. The sad eyes just break my heart. Many kisses and hugs.
Apr 16, 2009 ckendall
Beautiful Lucy with the sweetest face ever!!!!! I can just see you doing battle with a orange traffic cone!!! You are adorable and I will pray that you find your forever home soon!
Apr 16, 2009 Saundra57
Lucy! You are a sweetie pie!!! Anyone interested in adopting Lucy, don't let her diabetes scare you off. My Pumpkin (Yorkie mix) has been a diabetic for the last 3 years and she is doing quite well. Insulin shots are no big deal for her or for me. I hope you find your forever home real soon, Lucy. Lots of hugs and kisses from Pumpkin and Maggie's mom.
Apr 16, 2009 loveheals
Lucy sounds so wonderful. I hope that she finds her home very soon.
Apr 16, 2009 kian
She certainly is a beautiful Boxer Mix, I hope you find a wonderful family soon!
Apr 16, 2009 lalamcgoo
OK, I have to state the obvious, "I love Lucy"!!!! isnt she beautiful, she will definately be scooped up in a hurry, what a good girl and such a sweet face.
Apr 16, 2009 djmc
Love ya baby, I pray you find a wonderful loving family. Many hugs and kisses
Apr 16, 2009 wheatie mom
Good luck, Lucy, you have a sad face that someone needs to make happy. We're all rooting for you!
Apr 16, 2009 tobyslattery
so sweet! xoxo lots of treat to lucy. ;D
Apr 16, 2009 Lisaez1
I hope you find your forever home Lucy!!! No dog should be without one.
Apr 16, 2009 gryt
Awww what a sweet girl. Good luck sweetie!
Apr 16, 2009 Dodgerdog
SOo cute! I hope she finds a good home!
Apr 16, 2009 michelle_loves_boxers
Oh those sweet eyes... You'll find a home soon Lucy :) Much love, kisses, and belly rubs your way...
Apr 16, 2009 jbroy
Awww, what a beautiful little girl. I hope you find a wonderful home for her.
Apr 16, 2009 mummm
Lucy just LOOKS patient and good. I hope she finds a loving home soon.
Apr 16, 2009 PamN1211
What a beautiful girl Lucy is!! I also had a diabetic dog and don't be afraid to adopt a diabetic dog!! My Shalimar was diabetic for 3 years. She just stood there while I gave her her shot and with her Science Diet meals 2 times a day she did very well!! I would adopt her if I could but am not able to. Best of luck to you Lucy!!
Apr 16, 2009 malawi
Lucy I love your sweet honest face. You will make someone very happy!
Apr 16, 2009 lizanne
Lucy, you are a lovely girl. Big hugs & smooches to you. I am sure you will find your forever home soon. I am sending good thoughts your way. There is a good Mommy and Daddy just waiting to meet you. You are a LOVE... Elizabeth in NY~
Apr 16, 2009 Kayra33
Such soulful eyes you have Lucy...don't worry your life will get better with your wonderful forever home! Many wonderful years to you sweet girl from Gambit, Storm and Kara in Erie, PA!
Apr 16, 2009 lilyb
Lucy is a beautiful girl. I know a sweetheart like her will find a great, forever home soon. Best wishes Lucy!
Apr 16, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
I just love your sweet face, Lucy. I will keep my fingers crossed that you find your loving, forever home. You deserve it! If you would like more information on Lucy, please contact:
Apr 16, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
What a beautiful soul! Lucy, your heart shines brighly in a dark world! My wonderful Comet also had to take those shots, 2 times a day. He was about your size and lived with diabetes for over 5 years, and finally went to rest at the ripe old age of 14. I miss him every day, even with the special care he needed. Someone will find you and will love you, not in spite of, but because of the special care you endure so well. BIG bear hugs to you and nose kisses until you just can't stand any more! (Oh, and lots of those special treats made just for you!)
Apr 16, 2009 4 the Dogs sweet. Good Luck Lucy!!
Apr 16, 2009 spaniel
Lucy, I hope you find a wonderful forever home like I did. You sure look and sound like a sweetheart and insulin shots aren't the worst, my Mom takes 4 a day. Good luck, Lucy! Love Goldie
Apr 16, 2009 E. Lab
What a perfect baby face. Who could resist it? Certainly not me! Good luck finding your forever family, sweetie!
Apr 16, 2009 doggone1973
Oh sweet Lucy with a face like that i bet someone takes you home to love real soon, I sure hope so anyways. hugs and kisses.
Apr 16, 2009 SadieTutka's Mom
Hey beautiful, I hope your forever home is coming for you soon. Your gorgeous and sound like a ton of fun. Chin up, pretty girl, your new peoples just need a little more time to find you!
Apr 16, 2009 mikdebluvpups
She is so pretty!
So cute! :)
Apr 16, 2009 lynxgirl77
!OH MY! Any family would be lucky to have lovely Lucy as a family member! I pray Lucy will soon be part of a wonderful family who give her the love she deserves!
Apr 16, 2009 jenlf
Oh Lucy you are adorable, I hope you find your forever home very soon you deserve it so much! I know there is the perfect family out there for you! Lots of hugs kisses and treats for you sweetie :)
Apr 16, 2009 clemency
What a kind, sweet, beautiful face! I hope Lucy finds a home very soon!!
Apr 16, 2009 harleyMamma
Good luck, Lucy!!
Apr 16, 2009 mikeswift
I play and snuggle with Lucy whenever I can and can attest to her warmth and intelligence! I would adopt her in an instant if my 13 year old boxer, himself a rescue, would tolerate her presence! She will make any home a happier place. Please contact
Apr 16, 2009 Oliver's Mummy
Lucy looks as though she would make a wonderful addition to a deserving home. I can see the affection in her eyes. I am most hopeful that Lucy's forever home will be found very soon. Bless this sweet girl. Hugs from Oliver and his Mummy in London, Ontario
Apr 16, 2009 anitac
Very cute............
Apr 16, 2009 T&T
Lucy I want to crawl through the screen and give you a big hug! What a sweet face! Please let us all know when Lucy finds her new home....
Apr 16, 2009 Myghin
Ooohhhhh!!! What an incredibly sweet face!! Good luck to you Miss Lucy!! {{HUGS}}
Apr 16, 2009 oaktown girl
Oh, sweetie girl - you deserve a great home, and I hope you find one soon.
Apr 16, 2009 terry c
Very regal lady. She deserves a good home.
Apr 16, 2009 drakes' granny
Lucy - you look like a perfect angel for someone to love. I bet it won't be very long before you do find that forever home and the lucky person they will be to have you there.
Apr 16, 2009 ckporter
Lucy- You are gorgeous! If you wanted to come live in Melbourne Australia, I would take you in an instant!! Extra belly rubs from down under! xoxo
Apr 16, 2009 ElizabethV
beautiful baby girl, i hope you get all the love you deserve. =)
Apr 16, 2009 bopeep
Such a sweet looking lady. Find a happy, forever home soon baby girl. Hugs, kisses and a box of biscuits from Kansas.
Apr 16, 2009 puppy world
I like lucy too she looks so peacful when she sleeps
Apr 16, 2009 indianahitman
I hope she finds a forever home soon. Where is she located?
Apr 16, 2009 lucybee
Lucy-you have such a wise and gentle face.I hope some lucky person sees you her and takes you to a forever home.
Apr 16, 2009 deisel
the strong endure, i hope you find your home soon. you made it this far for a reason. i was upset to see the sadness in your eyes. soon you will smile. many hugs and belly rubs
Apr 17, 2009 mikeswift
To indianahitman: L ucy lives in New York City.
Apr 17, 2009 mikeswift
Interested in adopting her? Email: or call 1-877-570-0360.
Apr 17, 2009 kangaroo
Hi my name is kangaroo. My dogs name is Molly. I was just wondering if you could add me as one of your friends to please and Thank you.
Apr 17, 2009 iluvk9s
Sweet sweet face! I hope she goes to her forever home soon.
Apr 18, 2009 Beth1226
Oh Lucy. I'm sad that you're not in your forever home yet. I can't understand what's taking so long. In the meantime, I hope you're happy. You sure are pretty.
Apr 18, 2009 ttaylor
Lucy is a very pretty baby. Brewster would love to have her around to play with.
Apr 19, 2009 jiggajagga
Looks comfy... anyway give her a kiss from me!
Apr 19, 2009 jiggajagga
OOOPS i commented on the rong pic. i ment this 1
Apr 22, 2009 anitac
I hope she finds a forever home soon, shes adorable!
Apr 23, 2009 georgia04
Lucy just stole my heart. I pray she gets the loving forever home she deserves. What an angel. Someone PLEASE take this sweet girl home!
May 14, 2009 MosesToby
On the forum, I just saw that Lucy has found a forever home! Congrats Lucy! You deserve it.
Nov 13, 2009 Beth Elder
I pray that somebody that can afford to treat a diabetic dog adopts Lucy. I believe you when you say she is a cuddle bug. She looks very sweet in this picture.
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