Lucy the Beagle Mix

Dog Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / Beagle

We adopted Lucy from a rescue group in March. She is about three years old. She is mostly beagle and possibly has some blue heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) in her. She's got a bad leg from an old fracture that healed incorrectly, but she doesn't let it slow her down! She is the friendliest and most affectionate little doggy you'll ever want to meet. In fact, we just got her certified as a therapy dog so she can go around to nursing homes and hospitals to brighten people's days. Despite her beagle-ness, Lucy is actually very calm and quiet most of the time. She very rarely barks. This girl lives for belly rubs - she will casually roll over and look at you with those eyes, but if you deny her, she will get back up and launch herself upside down at your feet!