Lucy the Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Hi, my name is Lucy but my family just calls me La. Some may even call me Little Head La because of my abnormally small head. To complement my quirky appearance, I have some really silly habits. I'm actually a contortionist; I like to twist my body in weird ways. When I get really excited I often spin around in circles (the most turns my mom has counted is 15). I don't quite understand why my parents want me to use the doggy door. One time I even sat outside in the rain because I didn't want to use it! I will only go through it if my parents lift it up for me. I could play with my favorite yellow ball all day long. Also, I enjoy watching Frasier while sitting with my mom in the recliner. I'm a very happy and sweet girl--my family knows this because they always see me wagging my crooked tail!

Comments (28)
julie55 Oct 29, 2012
What a sweet girl!!

princelover Oct 29, 2012
Lucy, I love to see a puppy with her favorite toy. Such a small thing...

veronica Oct 29, 2012
adorable x

dogsrus570 Oct 29, 2012
Who could resist that face. Lucy is a beautiful girl, crooked tail...

pammy_sue Oct 29, 2012
I think you are just beautiful. Stay sweet Lucy!

Mmmousemaid Oct 29, 2012
Just kick that door with your paw Lucy.

PUPEELVR Oct 29, 2012

virgilsmama Oct 29, 2012
Lucy, I love your name and you too! You are beautiful and my kids...

bluegigi Oct 29, 2012
That nose more than makes up for the "abornormally small...

WATERDOG Oct 29, 2012
No kinder soul than that of a Golden, Cheers!

drakes' granny Oct 29, 2012
Lucy has a beautiful coat of golden hair like silk, a very healthy...

Abiglen Oct 29, 2012
Lucy with her favorite "yellow ball". :) Sweetheart, you are...

Coinshop Oct 29, 2012
Lucy, I think you are perfect just the way you are. Beautiful!

chelsearosebud Oct 29, 2012
Dearest Lucy .... I think you are PERFECTION! I've got you tucked...

cane corso Oct 29, 2012
Yoga position # 18

earnesen Oct 29, 2012
Look at those eyes! They are to die for. She is a beautiful dog.

pupfanatic Oct 29, 2012
Lucy, you sound as silly as you are pretty. Ahhh goldens. Your...

JanW Oct 29, 2012
Lucy, you are a very pretty girl...even with your silly habits,...

amyliz Oct 29, 2012
Pretty Lucy, sounds like you have quirky but sweet personality and a...

TearsofPearl Oct 29, 2012
Lucy with those soulful loving eyes your the best, and sweetheart...

flutey48 Oct 29, 2012
It doesn't matter if you have a small head or crooked tail -...

goldenlover Oct 29, 2012
What can I say ? This is a beautiful Golden, this Lucy. Great story,...

kgpayne13 Oct 29, 2012
Hi Lucy, you sweet, beautiful girl!

pirosred Oct 30, 2012
Love photo, have a wonderful life with Lucy.

maxmoe Oct 30, 2012
What a beauty!

guerrero's grandma Oct 30, 2012
Just look at the love in those sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet eyes! Lucy, you are...

iluvk9s Oct 30, 2012
Lucy is such a precious sweet girl!!

thompsblt1 Oct 31, 2012
Lucy, you are beautiful no matter what size your head is! Many years...