Lucy the Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Hi, my name is Lucy but my family just calls me La. Some may even call me Little Head La because of my abnormally small head. To complement my quirky appearance, I have some really silly habits. I'm actually a contortionist; I like to twist my body in weird ways. When I get really excited I often spin around in circles (the most turns my mom has counted is 15). I don't quite understand why my parents want me to use the doggy door. One time I even sat outside in the rain because I didn't want to use it! I will only go through it if my parents lift it up for me. I could play with my favorite yellow ball all day long. Also, I enjoy watching Frasier while sitting with my mom in the recliner. I'm a very happy and sweet girl--my family knows this because they always see me wagging my crooked tail!