Luna the Mastiff / Siberian Husky

Dog Breed: Unknown

Luna's mom says: Luna came to live with us at eighteen months old, after a short stay with the Tacoma Humane Society. Her family was giving her up for adoption because they didn't have time for her. She was an escape artist and would often get picked up by animal control. That was over three years ago, and she's changed so much since then. She's learned how to play. Luna out-retrieves our Labrador, Astro, by bringing the ball or Frisbee right to us. She is the dominate dog, "the queen of all things". She and Astro are nearly inseparable: best friends. We never worry about her leaving our yard. She'll stay even if a gate is left open. Luna stretches like a cat any time she gets up. While we wish we could have known her as a pup, she's been the best dog we've ever lived with. Smart, very obedient, fun to watch hunt bugs and ground hogs, she's affectionate and attentive, but mostly sensitive. Every day we love her more than the day before.