Mack the Boston Terrier

Dog Breed: Boston Terrier

Mack's mom says: We bought Mack from an couple in Tennessee when he was 4 months old. He was the biggest of his litter and the cutest too! The ride home was so memorable. He sat quietly and timidly in my lap and I was worried he was afraid. But as soon as we got him home and let him loose, he was never the same again. Today Mack is very hyper-active and full of adventure. He keeps us on our toes and there is never a dull moment. His hobbies include: teasing his sissy, Pilsbury, stealing laundry, chasing the tennis ball, and going outside to chase crows and stray kitties. He loves us so much and we love him. We look forward to coming home each day because he is always so excited to see us.