Maggie Mae the Cairn Terrier

Dog Breed: Cairn Terrier

This is Maggie Mae! She was born on a farm in Buttonhole, Texas and loves lots of walks, swimming in the ocean, and cuddling with her family. She has the sweetest disposition and gets along with almost every dog she meets. Maggie loves her human family and is almost always involved in all family activities and outings. When she isn't exploring outside or hunting bugs she loves taking long naps with her owners and basking in the sun. Couldn't imagine life without her!

Comments (38)
Jose Apr 15, 2011
Maggie Mae your sooooooooooooo cute I hope that you have a great life...

neikan7 Apr 15, 2011
I have a Cairn Terrier as well. His name is Duncan. They are hands...

char&pookie Apr 15, 2011
"Sheesh ... what a girl has to go through to get that wind blown...

Missmilamae Apr 15, 2011
Oh Maggie Mae, it is obvious you live quite the life, loved by your...

CairnHappy Apr 15, 2011
I have two Cairns - one the colour of Maggie, and one red. Both are...

daphne's mom Apr 15, 2011
Maggie Mae is so sweet! I hope you have many happy and healthy years...

Puppy Power Apr 15, 2011
Ooohhhhh Sweet Maggie Mae...I think I got something to say to you!...

Puppy Power Apr 15, 2011
Love this picture too! Love seeing doggies with their head sticking...

janet weir Apr 15, 2011
What a little darling! I have loved these dogs since I was a little...

Goldenmom58 Apr 15, 2011
Maggie, you are indeed a glamorous lady. It looks like you are...

CA puppylover Apr 15, 2011
Love your sweet terrier face, Maggie Mae; what a beautiful little pup...

chelsearosebud Apr 15, 2011
One word: ADORABLE! Nothing better than wind in the face! XOXO

duettists Apr 15, 2011
Maggie Mae is absolutely gorgeous. A long and happy life to her.

shortyww22 Apr 15, 2011
Hello maggie mae,I'm so glad to see you made the DP are...

Stitch's mom Apr 15, 2011
ONE word: A REAL CUTEHEART !!!!! I love u, Maggie May.

elliel Apr 15, 2011
She is adorable. We had a Carin at one time. They are so sweet and...

bestfriends Apr 15, 2011
Gorgeous little gal! I envy her the days at the beach!!!! Many...

guerrero's grandma Apr 15, 2011
Basking in the sun is DEFINATELY the best activity in the world......

sowhatisnew Apr 15, 2011
Maggie Mae has a very sweet face. Wishing Maggie Mae a lifetime of...

gouldkb Apr 15, 2011

goldenlover Apr 15, 2011
Beautiful !!!

w102663 Apr 15, 2011
Oh my gosh Maggie, you look like a stuffed toy; you are just too...

pirosred Apr 15, 2011
Just love Cairn Terriers, great dogs. I have my 3rd now, first two...

amyliz Apr 15, 2011
Maggie, you are a lovely little girl and it sounds like you have a...

virgilsmama Apr 15, 2011
Cool name and a cool dog!

jasper1 Apr 15, 2011
Awww!! She is adorable! What a sweet, beautiful dog!

thrillerdanceoff Apr 15, 2011
aww look @ that puppy face! soo aborable

malawi Apr 15, 2011
Maggie Mae is such a very pretty little girl! and sounds like lots of...

allmyshelties Apr 15, 2011
Absolutely adorable little muffin. I lover her!!

clemency Apr 15, 2011
Maggie, you are beautiful!

kgpayne13 Apr 15, 2011
What a beautiful, happy girl!!!

AdoptADog Apr 15, 2011
Aren't we just having the most fun day? You are as cute and...

iluvk9s Apr 15, 2011
Maggie May is such a sweet baby!!!!

bluegigi Apr 16, 2011
Marvelous Maggie Mae -so cute!!!!!!

drakes' granny Apr 16, 2011
Maggie Mae is a treasure. Love the name. Have tons of fun little girl.

monkeynbubba Apr 16, 2011

wolfgirl66 Apr 16, 2011
Hello Pretty Maggie! My Aunt and lots of my cousins live in Texas! I...

iluvk9s Apr 17, 2011
Oops...sorry I misspelled Maggie Mae's name in my previous post!!!