Maggie the English Cocker Spaniel

Dog Breed: English Cocker Spaniel

Maggie's mom says: Maggie is the first puppy I ever had in my life. Growing up, the closest my father ever let me get to a puppy was a painting that he bought me that hung on my wall for years - a painting of a cocker spaniel. Later in life, when I finally decided that I was going to get my own puppy, I searched for two years looking for a Maltese. One day I walked into a puppy store and asked to see all of their Maltese. But in the back room, enclosed in glass, was a handful of new arrivals. This tiny, tiny brown puppy caught my eye. I asked them "I don't know what that puppy is, but bring it out." As I played with them, this little brown puppy spent the entire time grabbing my shoelace to untie my shoes. I retied them, and she untied them - we played this game for at least an hour. Ever since then, Maggie has never touched one of my shoes or my shoelaces - it was her way of saying "You are taking me home." She was the runt in the litter, smaller than the palm of my hand, resting there for the 2 hour drive home. Since then, Maggie has been my daughter for seven precious years. Even though she has recently gotten a new brother (Ryley, the Cockapoo, or Spoodle as they say in Australia), she has always been there as my "cuddle bunny" and "doodle" whenever and wherever. A lover of carrots, apples, bananas, and even the occasional grape, she still loves to chase the longest throw of the tennis ball that I can muster. I love you always Maggie.