Magma the Pug

Dog Breed: Pug

Magma's mom says: We got Magma in August when he was three months old. We knew he was coming home with us when I picked him up and he licked my face then cuddled into me. Magma is a very fitting name for our pug since he doesn't realize he's a small dog. Any time there is a strange noise at night he starts growling at it and moves next to me (if he already isn't cuddled next to me) as if he's protecting me. He loves going on long walks. In fact we just completed a three-mile walk for the MS Society. Some of his favorite pastimes are playing fetch, performing his tricks, being chased around the house, and playing with his best friend, Max, our neighbor's 120 pound golden Lab. There isn't a person or dog that Magma has met that he hasn't instantly loved. No matter what kind of a mood I'm in when I get home, I instantly become happy when I walk through the door and see Magma sitting there so excited to see me. We are so glad we got him as he brings such joy and happiness to our lives.