Maverick the Australian Shepherd

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd

Maverick loves walks, baths and rides. Any combination of the use of these three words will send him into a tizzy. In fact, he has been known to run up the stairs and jump into the tub upon the mere mention of the word, "bath". Maverick is a Christmas dog through and through! He was the Christmas gift I wanted my whole life and every year he reminds me why. He lays under the tree when it's lit up, he loves candy canes (which also does wonders for his breath) and he opens presents. He lays by his pile of presents and waits until you give him one to open. Then he rips off the paper and is even gentle enough to help me unwrap mine without damaging the contents. Maverick was first given the name Boomerang and nicknamed Boomer, but when he got out of the house he would run and not came back when called. We realized his name was not appropriate and he became Maverick.