Max the Giant Schanuzer

Dog Breed: Unknown

Max's mom says: Max is a purebred, 70 pound Giant Schnauzer. We adopted Max from our local animal shelter in Utah about 4 months ago. We had been looking for a Giant Schnauzer so when the animal shelter called to tell us they had one in, we rushed over. He had our hearts from the second he gazed up at us with those huge eyes and big bushy eyebrows. Max seems to think he is a 10 pound lap dog and always has the need to lay right across us when we're on the couch. His scruffy beard always gets soaked with water when he gets a drink and of course he comes and sits his head right on our laps, he does this every single time- without fail. Max loves car rides and even more loves going to the park. He is absolutely obsessed with his orange rubber ball. None of his other toys even compare or get any playtime. He will chase that ball for hours if we would let him. Max is very protective of his family and doesn't always love when strangers come to the door but once someone gives him a treat and a good petting, they are his new best friend! He really is a sweetheart and has tons of love to give. We are so glad Max found us. We don't know what we did before him!