Max the Giant Schnuazer

Dog Breed: Giant Schnauzer

We adopted Max from our local shelter three years ago. It's been the best three years we've had! Max is the smartest, funniest, sweetest boy and has more personality than any dog you will ever know! He loves chasing his ball, swimming, playing with his stuffed animals, cuddling with his family and watching TV. He is extremely intelligent and extremely protective of his family--making an excellent guard dog! We love Max and are so glad he came into our lives.

Comments (45)
BCD luver Jan 30, 2011
yeh giant schnauzers are known to be on the protective side (well...

gill Jan 30, 2011
Max is fabulous! His personality shines through! Well done you for...

auzzieluver Jan 30, 2011
you are adorable!

LePenguin Jan 30, 2011
Rescue dogs are the BEST.

goldenlover Jan 30, 2011
Classic pic of classy dog !! Seems just about every family gets...

Wander Puppy Jan 30, 2011
Max you are adorable! You look sooooo healthy and also active; I luv...

Missmilamae Jan 30, 2011
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for adopting from a shelter! Your...

jeksfcusa Jan 30, 2011
Oh woe is me. Just be careful not to get your head caught in those bars.

janaS Jan 30, 2011
here we meet again, Max. You're a darling.

elliel Jan 30, 2011
He is just too cute. I am so glad you rescued him. I hope he has a...

GSDLVR Jan 30, 2011
Very handsome guy!

duettists Jan 30, 2011
What a lovely dog. Long life and happiness to you, Max.

drakes' granny Jan 30, 2011
Looks like he might like playing in snow too. Declan is very...

WATERDOG Jan 30, 2011
Are you sure they know you? You got a cookie or something? Max, you...

Goldenmom58 Jan 30, 2011
What a hound!!!! Handsome, protective and loving all rolled into one...

magic1 Jan 30, 2011
Max is a very handsome fella!

CA puppylover Jan 30, 2011
Max is just a great dog - big, black and beautiful. What a happy day...

jasper1 Jan 30, 2011
Oh Max, are you handsome or what?!!! He's beautiful! Looks sooo...

daphne's mom Jan 30, 2011
So patriotic! I hope you continue to have many happy and healthy...

bluegigi Jan 30, 2011
And he's so stylin' too! Very handsome Max!

DogLover in Canada Jan 30, 2011
Great rescue!! He's a beautiful boy!

w102663 Jan 30, 2011
Max is a very special guy; with a big sprinkle of handsome.:o) OX...

amyliz Jan 30, 2011
Max, you such a good boy...and handsome, too!

Coinshop Jan 30, 2011
Max is very, very adorable. I'm glad you found each other and...

gryt Jan 30, 2011
Max is a cutie! What a great adoption story. Everyone is happy! :)

madeline Jan 30, 2011
Wonderful Dog !!!

leia kelly Jan 30, 2011

shortyww22 Jan 30, 2011
Max,you are a very handsome boy.I'm glad you're family...

coriebe Jan 30, 2011
SWEETHEART!! Many biscuits to you Max!

lizanne Jan 30, 2011
Wow, Max, what a big boy. I think you are really a GIANT Schnauzer. ...

lizanne Jan 30, 2011
Here you are Max, This is a very lovely shot of a handsome guy with...

pelligrino Jan 30, 2011
I don't see many Giant Schnauzer's amd Max is a beauty! It...

iluvk9s Jan 30, 2011
How adorable is this picture!! Max is such a sweet baby. Zillions...

Jose Jan 30, 2011
Your soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I hope that you have a great...

favgreen Jan 30, 2011
Super pic of Max in the snow!

tzumom Jan 30, 2011
You are just the most huggable, cutest guy on the block. So happy...

monkeynbubba Jan 30, 2011
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Pretty Baby; what a cute big baby! So glad...

mychiensr1 Jan 30, 2011
Max is so handsome and very macho. He is also adorable and sweet. ...

tseefl Jan 30, 2011
What an intelligent look, Max! You look like you are listening to me....

Candy&Chloe's mom Jan 30, 2011
What a perfectly handsome young man Max is! I can see why you had to...

lovesdogs Jan 30, 2011
Hello! Max is my grand dog and I could not be any more proud if he...

guerrero's grandma Feb 1, 2011
How distinguisted you look here Max. You are such a handsome lad......

Holly Belle's Mom Feb 2, 2011
Max, my dear! What a fun picture - you look like a big black bear...

bogeyismrsept Feb 3, 2011
Let me out.:- ) Max would be a great friend for...

pirosred Feb 26, 2011
You are so lucky to have Max!