Mies the Jack Russell Mix

Dog Breed: Wire Fox Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier

My parents named me after one of the greatest architects, Mies van der Rohe. I have no idea why! Well, Ok, Ok, I know... It is because they are also architects, but come on. They claim that I reminded them of him with my so-crazy-cute-and-pure-black and white colors. If you ask me that's a big stretch to me. I am playful like crazy but with some dignity. I am a puppy after all and still don't understand the world around me so I am still trying to figure it out. It is actually a hard life out there. Too many responsibilities. You know, guarding the house, barking at strangers, keeping the toys and the bones safe by burying them, eating them, tearing toys apart, running like a maniac, snuggling up with my parents, being cute and all. Hard work, my friends, very hard work.