Moonshadow the Chow / Lab Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Moonshadow says: "After an extensive search process, I chose MaryBeth to live with almost six years ago now. It hasn't worked out so bad. We live in the Marina in San Francisco, CA, which is great because I have a lot of fur and don't like too much heat. We play on the beach every morning and she lets me go in the ocean and roll in the sand after. She has even stopped trying to get the sand off me before we go home. During the day, I like to lie on my couch near the window and survey the neighborhood, giving barks occasionally to let them know who is boss. Mostly I like to roll on the sand, tennis balls, and anything else I find on the ground. I love a good belly rub but do not like to be brushed. Mommy's friends think I am more cat than dog until I bark, which shows them how wrong they are! My favorite thing in the world is probably American cheese slices and kisses from mommy."