Nala the American Bulldog

Dog Breed: Unknown

Nala says: "My name is Nala. My parents and I live in Richmond, Virginia. When I was four months old, my mommy rescued me from mean people who didn't take care of me. At first, I was scared of everything, but now I know my mommy would never lay a hand on me. She loves me very much. I sleep in her bed every night, and I like to steal her pillow and her covers. I love running circles around the backyard, chasing my ball, my daddy, and eating whatever my mommy eats (when she will let me). When I was a small pup I used to chew her shoes and anything else I could my paws on. But now I am the most well behaved pup in whole world because my mommy loves me so much. I don't want her to be disappointed with me."