Noni the Australian Shepherd

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd

When we arrived to see some new puppies, all of the puppies were being held by other couples but one that looked just like a baby panda. The second I picked her up she began screaming like mad! I handed her to my husband and she became quiet and fell asleep! At that moment we knew she was my husband's dog. We came every weekend to watch the puppies and make sure she was the correct one for us. We would watch as all of the other dogs played but her. She would sit and watch the other puppies and if someone got out of line, she would put them in their place and return to watch them. To this day Noni has a dominate personality and does not allow other dogs at the dog park to fight. She likes to watch everyone play and is known as the police dog at the parks. Despite her extreme dominance, she can be a big lover when she wants to and loves to give her daddy kisses and hugs. Noni is our little Panda"Noni"Um.