Friday, July 25, 2014
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Jan 4, 2008 piggydog
what a doll. It looks like he's got a favorite couch and is a good listener.
Jan 4, 2008 sylvanbliss
I can't believe lab does this!!

Norway, you are one fab lab!!
Thanks for helping raise those Seeing Eye pups even if you had a career change.
Oh Norway! Did you like your mummy so much you went and limped? Lol he looks like a great friend and thank you Norway for helping to raise those little Seeing Eye pups!
Jan 4, 2008 Terry C
That last photo is so funny!
Jan 4, 2008 laurie erickson
oh my...... what a cutie!!!!....'LIMP AND ALL"!!! ( hee hee!!)....what a neat thing to raise seeing eye puppies with the help of Norway!!..lots of kisses and belly rubs..!!!
Jan 4, 2008 andrewg
That is just so cool!!!
Jan 4, 2008 ajcarter9405
Looks like this pup has traveled the world! Love all the pics!
Doggie breath kisses to Norway!
Jan 4, 2008 Brunomom
I want to marry this handsome Norway! What a magnificent animal.
Jan 4, 2008 bongo
That is a hilarious story!
Did his limp go away after he got back home with you?
Thanks for helping raise all those seeing-eye pups.
Jan 4, 2008 fourbaddogs
What a regal and handsome man! I want to bear hug him!
Jan 4, 2008 Jessie's Mamma
Just a beautiful black lab you have there /May you have many years to come ! 9 biscuits with a cookie for dessert :) Big Dogs Rule.!!!!
Jan 4, 2008 SEpuppyraiser
Norway thanks everyone for their nice comments, and wags his tail at the thought of biscuits! And bongo, the funny thing is, they said he had a weak shoulder, but he really never limped much at all once he got home! He's been swimming and mountain climbing and all sorts of things, and only now that he's older does he slow down a little with arthritis. So I think he knew the plan... :)
Jan 4, 2008 puppy-lovin' freak
That's the best story in the whole world!!! What a beautiful pup and a beautiful bond... and it's so great that you've gone through the pain of raising and giving up pups to help other people (I'd have 8 pups if I were you... I just couldn't give them up).

Thanks to Norway and mom for totally making my day.
Peace and Cookies
Jan 4, 2008 sjh
I laughed out loud at this picture!! It is the greatest. I love the story about Norway and the limp. And they say dogs dont understand what people are saying. Norway knew where he wanted to be and knew he would make a better teacher to other puppies and how to get back home.
Jan 4, 2008 Pupstermum
Omigawd... what a wonderful story, and a BEAUTIFUL boy!! I just loved everything about this story and about Norway, and I'm so happy he's where he was meant to be!
Jan 4, 2008 Mummm
What a fantastic story! It made me cry.
This picture looks like a painting. I love it.
Jan 4, 2008 CBinID
Dittos on the handsomeness of this fellow. I think that if everyone had a lab, peace would cover the world.

Jan 4, 2008 pomtzu
Norway - you are a very handsome and SMART dog. You knew Mom wanted you to stay with her and you found a way to make it happen. Good doggie!!!!
Have fun and keep helping out with training those new little ones for a very important career. That's a pretty special job you have.
Sending along a big hug to you.
Jan 4, 2008 Cody's Mom
Labs, ya' gotta just love them. Many years of love and happiness to you and Mr. Norway (handsome fellow that he is!).
Jan 4, 2008 bopeep
You sure fooled them didn't you Norway? You knew where you wanted to be and made sure you got there, and now you are still working for the seeing eye dogs by helping to train all the puppies that come your way. Beautiful dog. Hugs and kisses.
Jan 4, 2008 2pups1kit
How can I describe the emotions Norway & his story have given me? Many who post here have read about my wonderful, gorgeous, brilliant, devoted black lab Sharah. God called Sharah to the rainbow bridge 3 years ago @ 10 years old, & there is still not a day that I don't think of her. Before Sharah came into our lives, I helped take my daughter's girls scout group to Guide Dogs for the Blind on a field trip & decided then that I wanted one of their "career change dogs". The waiting list was 5 years long, & I just couldn't wait, so Sharah came to us as a pup from a breeder. You will never find a more wonderful companion than a lab. They are "simply the BEST!!!" God bless you for the work you & Norway do as puppy raisers, He & Norway knew Norway's talents were better used doing this with you!--I admire you more than I can say. You are truly making a difference in people's lives---
Jan 4, 2008 yourgypsy
Oh, he is just gorgeous! I can't get over his size. I once had a dog that was black lab/Newfoundland and Newfie was about that same size. I'm glad Norway came back to you. Some things are just meant to be. :D
Jan 4, 2008 mling
What a fantastic story! It made me smile. :) I am in love with Norway's sweet eyes and ability to sleep on two pieces of furniture at the same time!
Jan 4, 2008 pippasmom
Norway is such a big bear of a dog! I just want to give him a bear hug! I love his story. It sounds like he missed you and wanted to go home.
Jan 4, 2008 LauraM
OMG..God works in mysterious ways doesn't he! what a touching heartfelt story that is..He knew what you were telling him & his presence in your life says it all!
Jan 4, 2008 Lesley
I love your story! Pray tell, did he continue limping when he arrived back at your place or did his "problem" magically disappear. He looks like quite a character (and he almost looks like he might have some St. Bernard in him).
Jan 5, 2008 cjc
I'm so glad you got him back. When you know, you know. How beautiful and perfect he is. Black labs are my dog of choice. It was hard to pick my favorite pix. oxoxox to Norway!
Jan 5, 2008 howiesmom
What an absolute precious doll!!! Lucky You!!
Jan 5, 2008 iamme
Love the story!!! :) I love the table and bandana picture!! I don't know which one to pick!!! lol He's such a photogenic boy! My uncle had a lab mix and he looked similiar to Norway. Darn that arthritis!!! Well I wish you many great feeling days Norway and a long happy life with your mom who you came back for. :) So sweet!!! :D
Jan 5, 2008 Terry C
He is such a beautiful dog.
Jan 5, 2008 Mom2Max
Norway looks so regal, gallant and just plain awesomeness! He knew he had a good thing! He wanted it back!
Jan 6, 2008 yujismom
smiling like the crafty doggie that he is!
Jan 7, 2008 Jenkins5
Mom, are you taking my picture again?! Jeez!

Love that face.
Jan 7, 2008 Mastiffmom
That picture of Norway asleep on the coffee table is priceless! My mastiff Duchess has done the exact same thing. Many blessings to you for helping raise those puppies for the blind!!
Jan 8, 2008 Marlowe's Mom
What a handsome boy! And he has such a "knowing" expression on his face.
Jan 16, 2008 mandy_kay1990
This dog is such a cutie. I would take him in a heart beat!
Jan 16, 2008 mandy_kay1990
This dog is such a cutie. I would take him in a heart beat!
Feb 3, 2008 mtframsey
The Universe provides what we need, especially when we ask specifically. Great story! GREAT dog! Great souls you are!
Feb 7, 2008 Kayra33
Your story brings tears to my eyes as I couldn't bear to raise them and have to give them away even if it is for a great cause! My heart would just break and I love the stories with the happy endings!!! What a beautiful dog you have and enjoy your obviously "meant to be" years together.
Mar 24, 2008 sarah calvert
Hey Norway, what a handsome chap you are!! You look fantastic, I'm glad your limp has got you a wonderful life! Well done, you smart boy!!
Million biscuits for lovely Norway!!
Aug 2, 2008 Lil' Beans
Norway is so cute! I love the storey about him! I read that all the time over and over again and everytime i smile! biscuits, bones, and bellyrubs, to you norway!
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