Odin the American Pit Bull

Dog Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Odin's mom says: Odin is a nine-and-a-half month old blue-nosed American pit bull. He weighs in at about 90 pounds and definitely thinks he's a lap dog!! His favorite thing to do is go to the dog park with his best friend Guinness, who is a black Lab. At home he likes to wrestle with his daddy and carry around ten-pound weights in his mouth. He's eaten through every "indestructible" toy that we've bought him! He loves to sleep on the bed and sleep in until 11 am! At first he wasn't a barker, but then his mommy taught him how to "speak" and now he thinks he has a voice. When you tell him "NO," he will bark back at you. He is definitely a sweet pit bull as we raised him around other dogs and children. Odin is the love of my life!